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    Motivated Seller

    I am trying to raise some cash, for my annual trip to DCC. I still have the 3X7 Instroke Premier, Dieckman & Willee Cue. If you have any interest, make me an offer. I will be most generous to someone if they buy all three. 3X7 Instroke Premier There is a link to the cues in this thread. Tracy
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    Instroke 3X6 Premier (Vinyl)

    This one is a black 3X7 Premier (Vinyl). Sold Willee Cue Dieckman Cue Bill Webb deal didn't go, back on sale Tracy
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    Willee Plain Jane OB1 And A Standard Shaft

    This is a Willee plain jane, with a standard shaft and an OB1 shaft. It is a wrapless, maple cue, with one piece butt construction. The butt is 27 7/8" long and the standard shaft is 28 3/4' long, for a total length of 57 5/8". The OB1 is 29" long. The balance point is 18 1/2' above the butt...
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    Old Instroke, Brown Leather

    This is an old Instroke, 2X4 I got from Mueller's about 12 years ago. It has scuffs here and there, but far from falling apart, just enough to give it character. Sold Tracy
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    Dieckman 4 Point

    This is a 20.3 oz., leather wrapped, rosewood Dieckman, with 4 paduak V bottom points. There are two veneers, black and orange. There is also paduak spear point inlays and paduak rings at the joint. The butt weighs 16.2 oz. and the shafts are 4.1 oz. with Ivorene 3 ferrule and 4.2 oz. with ivory...
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    FS 6 Point Bill Webb Cue

    Price Reduced, Bill Webb 6 Pointer This Bill Webb cue is in very good condition. There are two 3/8-10 shafts, with no bluing or dings. The cue has six long points of cocobolo, with single, natural veneers, into an ebony forearm. The butt has three silver rings. There is also a 3/4" thick ring...
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    Happy New Year to all. Remember, there are a lot of amateur drunks out tonight, so be careful. I'm off to celebrate. See ya all next year. Tracy
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    Room Rates?

    Does anyone know the room rates at the Executive West? My wife made a reservation for me and they told her $185. I'm wondering if the only room left, may have been the Presidential Suite. :rolleyes: Tracy
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    After Hours Table Rates

    I read on the DCC website, that the tables are for rent, between 12 am and 7 am. Does anyone know what the table time rate is? Thanks, Tracy
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    Signed Roadrunners Poster

    I do not have this item, but am acting as a broker. There are only 100 of these signed copies, this offering is for one framed copy. Anyone who PM's me with an acceptable offer, will get a reply PM, with a telephone number to contact the seller. Attached, is a photo of the actual poster. I won't...
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    New Avatar

    Found the new avatar HERE. Thanks Eydie, I thought I would help send you some traffic. Tracy
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    BD and IPT

    I got my Billiards Digest today. The IPT has at least 3 full page ads in it. I wonder if they were paid for yet. I know the magazine has to make money, but this seems very wrong to me. If BD runs one more ad for the IPT, before the players are paid, I will never renew my subscription. If you...
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    Only 5 More Hours

    For those who subconciously ignore sticky threads. Look at this POST. In just 5 hours someone is going to be the proud owner of this Tucker cue and get to help a young guy who really needs it. Anyone who has some money, a big heart and would love to have a great cue, should not hesitate to send...
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    Need some prayers...

    I have posted an update, see page two. I just got a call, my cousin was in a wreck with a semi today. He was life flighted to Charlotte. They said, he was not stable enough for surgery. Just a little while ago I heard, he was to go into surgery at 9:00 PM. His legs are very messed up. To keep...
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    Pool In The Paper

    I am spending this holiday weekend in Ohio, my wife and I were both raised here. This article is in todays edition of the local paper. Check out the line about the local YMCA. :rolleyes: Tracy
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    Tempe AZ

    My son is going to school in Tempe. I asked him if he has found anything fun to do out there. He said he would like to find somewhere to play pool, but he hasn't met anyone who knows a good place. He is only eighteen so it can't be an over 21 place. Can anyone recommend a good place for him to...
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    My $ .02 !!!

    I was just out playing my good friend, who is something of a mentor to me. It was getting close to time to quit, we both have early morning jobs. He says, "I'll race you to the end of the table, then I'm outta here". He had two coins that he placed under the rail at the center of the foot rail...
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    FS Bill Webb 6 Point

    This is a very nice cue. This cue has 2 shafts one seems only test hit and the other is very clean. The ferrules are not ivory, I don't know what Bill uses. 6 long points of cocobolo with a single natural veneer spliced into ebony. There are 5 thin aluuminum rings on the butt and one on each...
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    FS 4 point Dieckman

    This guy has building cues longer than some of you have been alive! Two shafts (Pool), 1 Ivorine 3, the other is ivory both around 12.8 mm. Rosewood forearm and butt sleeve. Stainless joint 5/16-14 pin. Paduak rings at the joint. 4 paduak points with 2 veneers black and orange. 4 paduak spear...
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    Betmore's Basement

    Yesterday I had to be in Indy. I PMed WBM Tuesday to see if he would like to meet for some pool. He then came back with a counter offer, "You come over to my house?". I got there sometime around 4:00. The Betmore basement is a very nice room. There are movie stills and stills from TV shows all...