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    Help! I Need To Sell This Stuff!!!!

    My wife recently had to take leave from her job due to a medical condtion so I need to come up with some cash. I have gathered up a bundle of pool merchandise I am willing to part with for a RIDICULOUS LOW PRICE. I don't want to try to sell it all individually because it's too much hassle with...
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    New Years Day North MS 9-Ball Tourney

    January 1st 2009 Sportscenter Grenada Mississippi 662-226-1322 $40 Entry, Race to 5, Double Elim, Loser Breaks, Texas Express Rules Signup starts at 10am, Calcutta at Noon, Draw and play afterwards Played on six 8ft tables Junior tourney at same time played on 3 1/2 x 7 Diamonds. Entry into...
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    COMPUTER PROBLEM watching BCN. Help!

    :confused: My wife and I recently purchased a new Dell computer to replace our old one because we couldn't download any videos because of our memory. We have tons of memory now and have installed the latest media player and still we can see the videos but it stops every few seconds and doens't...
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    Drill For Straight Stoke

    Sarah, In your WPBA bio you mentioned that the best physical advice you got was from Jerry Bresieth showing you a drill for a perfect stroke. Can you share the details with us what it involves? Thanks, Wizard
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    Don Ballard still around?

    Anyone know if Don Ballard is still around hustling? I used to play him a lot in Jackson MS. The last I heard he was working at a pool room in Atlanta. Just curious to see if he is still around. :confused:
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    Amateur 9-Ball Tourney at Sam's Town Tunica MS?

    Does anyone know if they will be having an amateur 9-ball tourney along side the WPBA Delta Classic at Sam's Town casino in Tunica MS the last weekend in February?