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    Pool Ball Marker ID

    I found this set and bought it for a few bucks for the ball marker (left). It came with a second piece and I can't tell what it's used for. Here's a photo. The one on the left works to mark ball that may be on the magic rack or if a ball needs to be cleaned. The piece on the right is the...
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    Pocket Size on Valley 7ft tables used in APA Tournament

    Watching some of the APA matches from Las Vegas. Looks like Valley 7ft bar box tables. The pockets make the balls look very small. What are the pocket opening dimensions for those tables? Thanks.
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    Cue ball hop on Pro Break

    I'm watching a lot of pro matches. They always lineup/aim with the tip of the cue intersecting the cloth and the ball (very low). Then the cue tip comes up as they stroke and the cue ball usually hops a couple inches after contacting the ball at the point of the rack. Sometimes it appears to...
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    Source for Predator branded set with pink and brown balls. Photo

    Greetings. Cannot find a source for the balls shown below. Want predator logo and the colors pink and brown included. Thanks.
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    GC6 Tournament Edition Differences

    Trying to understand all the detailed differences between a standard Gold Crown IV and the Tournament Edition. Only things I can find are the rail length resulting in narrower pockets and the decals. Are there any other differences? Thanks.