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    Leather tip identification...

    I know it might be a long shot. I bought an Mezz Ignite carbon fiber shaft and I was told it was a Kamakaze M tip. The tip looks blue from the side and upon looking at for the tip online for future purchase I cannot find it. Might it be a different brand of tip? All I know, this tip is really...
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    Sold Predator Vantage 5/16-14

    Like new Predator Vantage 5/16-14 victory soft tip Comes with pouch - hardly used. Rolls straight. Clean ferrule. Clean shaft (I use taom chalk) This shaft was hardly played with and well taken care of. JP included. $175 FIRM shipped Paypal FF add 3% or GS *will not let me upload pictures...
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    Predator Revo 12.9 BVP 5/16-14

    Like new Predator Revo 12.9 BVP 5/16-14 Kamui soft black tip. Shaft was hardly used. Comes with pouch and wipes $360 FIRM shipped. Paypal FF add 3% or GS *will not let me upload pictures file too big - please pm with # and I can send pics.
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    Help identify this pin Shurtz cue

    Can someone help identify this pin? It's a Shurtz cue. To me... This looks like 5/16-14. The seller claims it's 3/8-10. I've had 3/8-10 cues in the past and this does not look like one. Your opinion...
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    Help identify a cue...

    Can anyone here help me identify this cue? It's on Oscar's and Chang Jung Lin Predator player profile pic but doesn't say which one it is and cannot find the model. Thank you!
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    Revo & Vantage 5/16-14 conversion...

    I recently sold my Schön (5/16-14) with two original shafts. I kept my Revo and Vantage shafts. I found a cue (butt only) and it's a radial pin. My question is, can they do a conversion on my Revo and Vantage shafts to fit this butt? For sure, I know the warranty will be out the window but...
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    WTB Leon Sly pool cue

    Anyone have a Leon Sly pool cue for sale? PM or text 310 291-7351
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    Break cue recommendation...

    Any break cue recommendation OTHER THAN BK Rush and Cuetec I have the BK Rush and I'm just not happy with it at all. That thing was expensive too, but not my cup of tea. Just looking to see what else is out there
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    Identify this cue...

    Can someone help identify this cue? The seller says it's a Wes Hunter cue but I've always known of Wes having the HC for Hunter Classic on his cues? This does not look like any of his signature cues..
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    Jesus Atencio Jump Cue

    Jesus Atencio is sponsored by Predator cues. I noticed he's jumping with a carbon fiber shaft but to the best of my knowledge, Predator doesn't make one or is it a prototype? The kid plays awfully good.
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    Predator BK Rush vs BK Rush Jump Break

    Does anyone have any experience with the BK Rush vs Jump Break BK Rush? I mean does the Jump Break BK Rush break just as good as the non break model etc? I've heard many good things about the BK Rush but not much on the other and there isn't much information out there comparing the two. Thanks
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    Sold Cuetec cynergy 15k 5/16-14

    Shaft is like new. Purchased Oct 2020. Comes with original packaging, wipes etc. Kamui black soft tip 12.5mm 5/16-14 Cannot upload pics "file too large". I can text pics if you wish. $350 shipped PayPal
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    LTB leather pool case

    Looking to buy a leather pool case. Preferably 2X4 or 2X4/3X5 nothing over 3X6 Any pics and price would be appreciated
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    Revo 12.4 CF shaft 5/16-14

    Selling my Revo 12.4 5/16-14. Has a brand new Kamui Black Soft. Rolls straight (doesn't warp) no dents or dings (doesn't dent or ding) clean (cleans easily) shaft was converted from Uniloc to 5 /16-14 Just not my cup of tea. I'll stick to traditional wood shaft Can't upload pic. File too...
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    Predator Revo 12.4 / CF shaft users...

    I've finally got a chance to play with my Revo. Definitely takes some getting used to. My question is in regards to seeing "grains and different patches of discoloration" throughout the shaft under the light. Yes from afar it looks black but from a shooters point of view I can see all that. Is...
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    "... within a couple weeks" - cue refinish frustration

    Has anyone here had a bad / horrible experience with getting their cue refinished whether it be price? Time frame? Horrible work? Etc... Here's my experience and as of this very day I STILL haven't received my cue. May 5th price was discussed on refinishing my cue ($220). The cue had a...
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    FS Schön STL 2

    Selling my Schon STL 2 Cue is in 9.5/10 condition. Weight 19.4oz 5/16-14 pin. No knicks or dings. Schon shaft is 29" and no dings. No blueing on shaft. Ferrule is also spotless too. I accept PayPal Family and Friends $575 shipped within USA only! Please text me 310 291-7351 for pictures.
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    WTB Little Al Sneaky Pete

    I know it's a long shot but doesn't hurt to ask... Anyone have a Little Al Sneaky Pete for sale? I had found one on Offer Up and I started asking questions about the cue... Once the owner kinda figured out what he had he backed out. Damnit lol
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    Mezz Dual Force Jump Break

    Mezz Dual Force Jump Break in Pristine Condition! No Knicks, no scratches, 19oz, rolls straight with Outsville tip $360 *FIRM* shipped Hope pictures come up, if not I can text you them
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    Sold FS Predator Ikon 3 *Excellent Condition*

    For sale Predator Ikon 3. 314-2 12.75“ uni loc weight is 19oz 58" leather wrap No scuffs or scratches on this cue. Rolls straight together and apart! $600 obo shipped within USA only. PayPal F&F