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    Billiard Mechanic

    Hi everyone, I am in Charlotte NC, we are looking for a good 3C billiard mechanic to come and work on our table Soren Sogaard, running slow and we are ready to put on the new Royal Pro Cloth on,Please help, ay suggestions? Thank You,
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    3 C Qualifier in charlotte NC

    There is going to be a 3C Qualifier tournament in Charlotte NC, February 23th if interested please call me or send me a PM, Thank you. Juan Uribe 704-240 0093
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    Table Cover

    Any one has or knows where to get a 3C table cover with padding to keep table warm while not in use, Thank you (10' x 5')
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    3 Cushion

    I just moved to Charlotte NC, from NY and would like to know if there is a place where I can play 3 cushion billiard. Thank you, Thank you to all of you who responded it.