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    WTB Striking Line Aiming Trainer Template

    Anyone have the large square aiming template that they don't use anymore? Looking to buy one or something similar. Tried buying one of his website, but unfortunately it has been discontinued.
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    57inch cue

    Been looking around the web for a good quality 57inch cue and it seems like nobody really makes them anymore? Im built like a T-Rex, so a 57 feels so much better to me in my hands, but it seems like im out of luck.
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    Has anyone put a different shaft on a Mezz united joint?

    So I heard it was possible to fit certain non mezz untied joint shafts onto them. Looking for input from people with mezz cues that have managed to put different shafts on their joints. example: fitting a revo on a mezz joint.
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    Joint thread identification

    Sorry if this is a really basic question. Can anyone tell me what thread this is just by looking at the picture? I tried matching it up with charts online and cant tell if its 5/16x18 or 3/8x10. Thank you in advanced.
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    Help identifying what joint?