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    KnightRider RIP

    Very sad news today. One of the legends of the UK pool scene in the 90s Steve Knight has passed away at the age of 46. More details to follow.
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    Pool's last rites

    I have just finished watching 127 matches each with a maximum of ten minutes duration. What was interesting was that they freely borrowed the format and rules from pool and made them more appealing. The Snooker Shoot Out paid out $140,000.with winner Anthony McGill pocketing his way to a $50000...
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    Lest we forget - mark wilson

    As controversy rages over Johann Ryusink's appointment as Team USA Mosconi Cup Captain, I think that we should spare a thought for his predecessor. Mark Wilson was not a failure. True, his three year tenure of the job did not produce any victories but his performance needs to be judged on a...
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    Wpa contract

    AN OPEN LETTER TO IAN ANDERSON, WPA President We have been good friends or many years and I know just how hard you work to keep the game alive. You are a good man (honest and conscientious) and I have supported you for many years now. So it is with a heavy heart that I take this action in...
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    Wpa open letter

    AN OPEN LETTER TO IAN ANDERSON, WPA President We have been good friends or many years and I know just how hard you work to keep the game alive. You are a good man (honest and conscientious) and I have supported you for many years now. So it is with a heavy heart that I take this action in...
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    Streamers attention

    I am looking for help in locating anyone with experience of producing broadcast quality video of pool related material. Initially I am working on content from New York, Memphis, Chicago, LA and Houston. I need to produce around 50 clips each between 8 and 12 minutes in length. If...
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    MARK WILSON Phase3 and Phase 4

    DOUG GORDON:Four days have elapsed since the USA lost to Team Europe in The Mosconi Cup. Since then we have had a smattering of short threads, mostly from the clueless and few longer ones attacking all sorts of things like the referee, the commentators, Shane, Corey and MD plus the usual...
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    Mosconi cup for dummies

    With the advent of new Pseudo Mosconi Cup rip offs how long will it be before players who participate in these bargain basement events start to find their names slipping off the Matchroom rosters. Rodney's is a direct response to players who feel aggrieved at not being selected for the bona...
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    Karl boyes nickname

    Hello Jen (and Spartan too) The nickname of Karl Boyes is GWAPO and it is a Tagalog word meaning HANDSOME. Knowing Karl then I would have bet that he had chosen the name himself. I like to think that GWAPO stands for GOT WAYS of ALIENATING and PISSINGOFF OPPONENTS. He is a living legend in...
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    US DPEN Time for a little Clarity

    There are players in Europe who want to play in The US Open but they have yet to have a proper update which would allow them to know the FACTS about what is going on. Correct me if I am wrong but somewhere in the mists of time I seemed to recall a fgure of $187,000 being mentioned as the total...
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    Befoe we enter another period of high activity I would like to slow thing down a little and take time to acknowledge the achievements of DARREN APPLETON I have known the man for almost 20 years but our paths rarely crossed. During most of that time he performed with great success as an English 8...
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    Corey tries again

    Corey Deuel resumes his quest for a Pro Snooker Tour card at 10am GMT tomorrow. He will have to produce something special because his first round opponent JASON WESTON is one of the most experienced competitors in the Q School lineup. He has already spent 10 season on the professional circuit...
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    Congratulations mark wilson

    Good News - Mark Wilson has decided to carry on as Captain of the US Mosconi Team. He is the first USA NON PLAYING Captain to get two consecutive terms. He must have mixed feelings about losing his right to hand pick a complete team as Matchroom have come up with a plan to use their own...
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    How to throw a party

    How to throw a Party - Karl Boyes Style Find the biggest Sports Bar in town Invite your teammates Invite your family and friends. Invite your opponents and finally Invite 200 fans from the from the crowd Party til 3am (I bailed out at 2)
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    Mosconi cup 2015 2016

    For those anti Wilson posters on here, prepare yourself for more of your self imposed misery. Mark will carry on his mission to improve the reputation of pool and his quest to bring the Mosconi Cup into US hands. I think that right now there are five pair of hands that clutch on to the Cup...
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    Mosconi Cup Team Sendoff

    Blackpool They's A Comin' Mark Wilson and the US Mosconi team have just concluded their series of public appearances with two highly successful East Coast shows. But before they disappear into 'their time capsule' which will help to negate the effects of jet lag ahead of their Mosconi Cup start...
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    Mosconi Cup Posters

    I have quite a big collection of pool event posters. But there are a few that are duplicates.and I want to sell them and raise some money Team USA while they are in the UK. These are all original posters and this offer will not be repeatable. The prices indicated are reserve prices...
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    Pool awareness week now

    Would you like pool to be a more high profile sport? Would you like to see more rooms opening up and a lot more players filling them. More people interest more sponsors and more sponsors means more tournaments. More tournaments means better playing conditions.......and so it goes on....and on...
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    Pool awareness week

    [B]POOL AWARENESS WEEK [B]NOVEMBER 2nd thru 9th 2014 This opportunity to get more exposure for our game is almost upon us but I need to ask some very big favors. Last week I had an accident in the local swimming pool and (technically} I drowned. I had to be resuscitated in the ambulance and I...
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    ''''''''''''''''''If pool was half as seedy and populated with shady characters as the media wants to portray then Barry Behrman would be wearing a wooden overcoat somewhere in the depths of Chesapeake Bay. But it isn't and he survives and continues to 'take the piss' out of the pool community...