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  1. ceebee

    Dynamo or Valley...???

    I should know thi9s, but I don't. What is the difference between a 7' Dynamo & a 7' Valley Pool Table.... I plan to buy new Ridgeback Rails for either table I buy...
  2. ceebee

    The GREAT Break Shot Book

    This book has been around since 2005, It is a great READ & very instructional. A lot can be learned from this book. Billiards DIGEST May 2006 Do you have the patience to practice breaking without ever pocketing any balls immediately afterward over and over again? Queens’ brilliant Gene Nagy...
  3. ceebee

    Language Interpreter needed.

    Anybody capable of document translation from English to German. Lots of help needed. We also need Spanish & Western Europe. We can pay for the services rendered or trade for the services rendered.
  4. ceebee

    Anyone have a Billiard Table for sale

    My friend is going to open a new Pool Room & want a Billiard Table & a Snooker Table, to go with his Valleys & GCs Any help is appreciated...
  5. ceebee

    Thanks for another GREAT Year

    Well folks, another year has come & gone. Thanks to all of you folks who purchased some of or all of our products & the ones of you who gave us a good vote of confidence about our products. This will be our 19th year of making the BreakRAKs We know that our customers are happy with their...
  6. ceebee

    Refurbished BreakRAK

    I do have one (1) Standard or one (1)Pro-Model BreakRAK in stock, in fact, it's the only one I have, I'm sold out. In the Standard configuration (fits table size of your choice) it is $275 shipped. In the Pro-Model configuration, it is $310, shipped. It looks good & comes with full warranty...
  7. ceebee

    Blackball in America

    Does anybody play BlackBall in America. I know they play BlackBall in the UK, Ireland & Australia. Do they play 9 Ball with the BlackBall equipment..?
  8. ceebee

    Jim Rempe Practice Ball

    Do you players use the Rempe Cue ball in your practice. I started using it about 15 years ago. It's nice to use when you practicing some mild to wild applied English Shots, sort of a replay feedback, as to where the cue ball was struck with the tip. The mark on the Rempe Ball let's you know if...
  9. ceebee

    Efren using the BreakRAK

    I ran across this on YouTube. Efren's fairly good at parking Whitey..
  10. ceebee

    Cortland wrap available

    Guido has found some Cortland Linen wrap. Anybody wanting that, can contact him. 906-542-7069
  11. ceebee

    How to post pictures

    How do you post pictures in this new environment..?
  12. ceebee

    Spanish Translation needed

    I have a book that needs translated... have cash or BreakRAK & cash...
  13. ceebee

    Merry Christmas to my AZB friends

    Merry Christmas folks, we have seen another year go by, played some tournaments & hopefully learned some we can use for next year. The BreakRAK Company turned 15 this year & is doing quite well. I wish you all a Merry Christmas & I hope next year goes well for you. I hope our Country does well...
  14. ceebee

    Southwest Cue for $3500

    This Southwest Cue is for sale in Oklahoma City area I don't have anything to do with it.
  15. ceebee

    Anyone from South America Or Germany

    Hi folks, I'm gonna write another book & I want to have it translated into Spanish and German (I think) Let me know if you are interested.
  16. ceebee

    pockets on Snooker Tables

    What is a number 7 pocket on a Snooker table
  17. ceebee

    15 year Anniversary for the BreakRAK

    Hello to my friends & customers around the World. 10 days ago we celebrated our 15 year anniversary. I was ill, so I couldn't participate in the fun & celebration. We've decided to offer a 15 year Anniversary Model Kit. The kit includes the BreakRAK Pro-Model, a Jim Rempe Practice Ball, a...
  18. ceebee

    Brunswick 4 Leg Arcade 9 Foot For Sale

    A gentleman needs to sell his 1929 Brunswick Arcade. It does need some restoration. The lower part of the legs has suffered some water damage. More pictures available.
  19. ceebee

    50K Pool Tournament, Maybe even 50K Winner's Purse

    I didn't express myself very well. Hopefully that is the reason I received such a poor response. We are researching the possibility of hosting some Big Pool Tournaments, maybe 4 or more a year, to start with. So, first things first... Do you like 8-Ball or 9-Ball or 10-Ball for big tournaments...
  20. ceebee

    which do you like best

    Do you like 8-Ball or 9-Ball or 10-Ball for big tournaments. $50 K & higher, maybe 50K for the Winner....