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  1. slingelbach

    WTB Ron Haley cues

    want to buy Ron Haley cues $2,500 to $6000 range. PM steve with pictures and pricing.
  2. slingelbach

    WTB Bob Runde cues

    wanting to buy Runde cues from $1,000 to $2,500, Pm photo's and pricing to Steve
  3. slingelbach

    WTB Runde cues

    wanting to purchase Runde cues in the $1,000 to $2,500 range. PM Steve with photo's and prices.
  4. slingelbach

    WTB Predator Limited Edition Cues

    Buying any limited Edition Predator cues. SE or LE please PM price, photo's and condition.
  5. slingelbach

    WTB James White, or Paul Mottey cues

    Buying JMW, Paul Mottey cues. Just give photo's and price.
  6. slingelbach

    WTB James White cues.

    Want to buy James White cue, prefer in excellent shape. please PM any info on your cues. thanks
  7. slingelbach

    joss west ( ebony & Ivory ) $1,999

    Time for this great cue to get a new home. two shafts 13mm, ivory joint, ivory ferrules,ivory butt cap, lots of ivory inlays, irish linnen wrap. This is a great cue in great condition it has been lightly used but not in the last 6 years just sat with my other cues.
  8. slingelbach

    JOSS WEST ( made in 1984,85 ) custom order

    selling custom joss west $1,499 see pictures 3 shafts one original
  9. slingelbach

    Coker ( ten points high ten low )

    This is a real head turner, twenty total points ,solid ivory joint,ivory butt, two shafts both with ivory ferrules, both 13 mm, really nice leather wrap, silver rings. 3/8 10 joint, selling cue for $1,599
  10. slingelbach

    JOSS WEST ( made in 1984,85 ) custom order

    nice joss west three shafts one original, two aftermarket, two have ivory ferrules, all 13 mm, this cue was custom built for a friend of mine and i saw it the day it came in. steel joint ,4 prongs in forearm four veneers, four windows in the butt w ivory dots, total of 12 ivory inlays, irish...
  11. slingelbach

    joss west ( ebony & Ivory )

    i have a Joss west that needs a good home, two shafts, ivory ferrules, ivory joint, 13 mm shafts, black white linnen wrap, cue is used but in great shape have owned for 6 years and has never ben played with in that time, i owned billiard store with hundreds of cues and I have about 12 really...
  12. slingelbach

    pool cue fire sale (gotta go)

    ebony and ivory joss west, shon elite, shon limited, several pechauer cues, 2 AE cues,nice coker lots of ivory bunch of points, jim rempe old meucci only 50 made i believe, predator 5k1 dealer demo cue, closed retail store and these are some of what i have left. selling most of these cues at...