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  1. 8-ball Rat

    Wanted - Tascarella Player's Cue

    Hi, all. I'm looking to make a play for my "dream cue," which is a Tasc. Eons ago, I owned a sneaky made by Pete, and loved it (bought from Bushwhacker)...but had to sell for reasons nobody would care about. Now that I'm back to playing a bit, I'd like to acquire an upgrade from that SP...
  2. 8-ball Rat

    Sweet Buddha, He's Back!!! WTB a playing cue and case

    After what seems like eons, I'm back to getting in some table time. Only had to wait 5 years to be able to play again...and I'm in the market for a player. Will travel with it, so I'm looking for something solid, straight, and fairly simple. Cue - 19-19.5 ounces Linen wrap or wrapless 12.75...
  3. 8-ball Rat

    I got your Black Friday deal, right here!!!!!

    New python coming soon forces sale (and I'm not playing anymore, why not buy a snake??? ;) ) This is a complete player's package, with some nice 'extras,' to celebrate the holiday season in style. Package includes a gorgeous, PHENOMENAL playing wrapless RAT cue with two shafts, a...
  4. 8-ball Rat

    It is official !!!!!!!!

    After 20 years and 7 days (more than six of those years being in God forsaken shitholes overseas)...I AM RETIRED FROM ACTIVE DUTY!!!!! BRING ON THE BEER. *****ES. AND 9-BALL!!!!! (hold the *****es, as my better half would not approve) Just felt like I haven't been in THIS good of...
  5. 8-ball Rat

    A new twist on the 'Box Cue' - take a guess

    Thought I'd share a few photos of a cue that puts a new spin on the box-cue theme. they say...don't do this cue the justice it deserves. It's a stunner in person, and really takes a step outside of the box (no pun intended). Thoughts??? :thumbup: :thumbup:
  6. 8-ball Rat

    Wicked Josh Treadway BEM custom cue FS/FT...

    Still hooked on my RAT turning this one loose. I put about 2 hours of play on one shaft. The other is new/unchalked. 19oz Two shafts at 12.8mm (approx) with LBM ferrules and Ultraskin Medium tips Radial pin Black phenolic collars with Josh's awesome ringwork at all spots BEM forearm...
  7. 8-ball Rat

    WTB - RAT cue

    Yep. I'm looking for one. 19-ish ounces preferred. Straight 12.75+ mm shafts Straight Linen or wrapless Straight Minor scuffs and such are fine. Abused cues are not of interest Straight Hit me up.
  8. 8-ball Rat

    Old school Predator Sneaky (piloted steel joint) FS

    Good morning, and happy Memorial Day to all. I VERY recently picked up a gorgeous Predator Sneaky from jkmarshall...and the cue is exceptional in every way. Problem - I can't make a ball with it (which isn't to say that I can play worth a damn, anyway...but I make even fewer balls with it than...
  9. 8-ball Rat

    Cocobola Barnhart PJ for sale - NICE

    Per buyer's request, details deleted. Cue is sold.
  10. 8-ball Rat

    Brand new, unplayed Murrell 4-pointer - Braz Rosewood

    All, New job and growing kids forces a move...and I'm compiling funds to make that happen. Selling my brand new, unused, straight from Kenny's shop cue. Awesome cue that I'm SURE plays great...but I haven't hit a ball with it. My order for Kenny was: 19.25oz 2 shafts at 12.8mm Juma...
  11. 8-ball Rat

    This Spot Reserved - Attic Find

    First and foremost - NO. This is not a belated April Fool's Joke. Story (and I'm sticking to it) - My better half and I are talking last night, and she tells me that a good friend/coworker of hers was helping her parents clean out the house of her grandparents, prior to putting it up on the...
  12. 8-ball Rat

    My soon-to-be delivered Kenny Murrell Brazilian Rosewood Player

    Just got these photos yesterday from Kenny...and I am VERY excited to take it out for a spin. As usual...Kenny's work is incredible. :grin:
  13. 8-ball Rat

    Any Tad PJ cues out there?

    Tax man was nice to me, and I'm still trying to get my hands on a simple Tad PJ cue. (has been a desire of mine for years, now) The Tad 1-M is of interest, as are the older style ones with the thick silver buttsleeve ring. Just want something straight and solid....with shafts at or over...
  14. 8-ball Rat

    Best place to play in Columbus and Dayton, Ohio

    Will be in both spots next week, and looking for good places to play. Prefer 9' tables, and would prefer to not need a Kevlar vest. Let me know!!! Mark
  15. 8-ball Rat

    Where is ArkansasKingpin???

    Guys (and gals), I'm trying to get ahold of ArkansasKingpin (Seth), as we have a deal that needs some finishing up. I just noticed he hasn't logged on to AZB since October of last year, and I haven't received a response to my e-mails to him. Anybody know him, personally....or how to get ahold...
  16. 8-ball Rat

    $800 to spend on a new player

    UP FRONT DISCLOSURE: Yes...I've spent time searching the threads. I'm aware of the ones currently advertised. I have NO MORE THAN $800 to invest in a cue. I've looked on the boards and see a few that may be of interest....but I'm also aware of the fact that there are available cues out...
  17. 8-ball Rat

    Older Jensen cue, 2 shafts, and Whitten 1x2 package For Sale

    Gents (and rare ladies), I sunk my hooks into the Murrell I was looking for...and squared away a nice JB 2x5, to this set is up for sale. Full credit to Kickin' Chicken for the photos below. I haven't had the time to take my own pictures...but they'd suck, what's the...
  18. 8-ball Rat

    Wanted - Kenny Murrel PJ or simple 4-pointer

    Yep. Thats what I am after. Happy New Year to all!!!!!
  19. 8-ball Rat

    Wanted - AZB member BNALL's paypal address

    Mr. Nall is being stubborn, and wont give it to me. I am counting on the good people here to send me a pm with his paypal I.D., so I can pay the man for a set of JPs I am buying from him. See, Bryan? Told ya I wouldnt let it happen!!!!! :) Happy holidays, peeps.
  20. 8-ball Rat

    WANTED - 5/16x14 piloted joint caps

    Got a new toy on the way, and looking for some nice caps to put on it. I'm looking for a 1 butt / 2 shaft set, piloted joint configuration (naturally). The typical black plastic ones are fine...but will absolutely consider others...especially if they are maple. Hit me up. Ready to buy. TO...