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    Unqualified Recommendation -- Jay Spielberg of A-1 Billiard Service

    Mentioned this as part of a thread on a different topic (Simonis installation videos), but thought Jay deserved his own thread. For years, my table was not playing right -- rails slow, not as level as it should have been, banking angles off, etc. I had paid other folks (more than one) to try...
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    Fellini case on ebay

    Nice looking black Fellini case for sale on ebay. I've dealt with the seller, and he's a good guy. Time running out on this one. Here's the link...
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    Great Poolroom

    I don't post a lot, but I just went to Drexeline Billiards ( in Drexel Hill, PA for the first time and was blown away. I had been meaning to get there for over a year, since meeting Bob Maidhoff, the owner, at Peter Burrows' Maryland Open tournament. I'm...
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    A new old cue by Tom Migliore of TNS Cues

    Here is a Titlist conversion. Matched it up with an old Brunswick case that needed cleaning and a new strap, but was otherwise in decent shape. The original oak one-piece cue looked rough, with a lot of scuff marks and shallow dings, but cleaned up nicely. In original form, had no idea...