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    Mosconi Cup broadcast

    What station will broadcast the Mosconi Cup in the US
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    FS Custom Bill McDaniel

    Bill McDaniel Custom Cue. 5 floating Cocobolo points into a Birdseye Maple forearm. The buttsleeve has 5 floating Birdseye Maple points into Cocobolo. Genuine Black Leather Wrap, with a Modified 3/8x10 Joint Pin. There is a classic matching silver ringwork through. This cue rolls straight...
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    Mosconi Cup Televised?

    Is it on ESPN3 again this year?
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    Ballpark Village Tourney

    Great idea look forward to watching. Too bad it's right before the Mosconi Cup. Guessing a few won't make it to St. Louis.
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    Rare Jim Buss

    Rare Buss cue from retired cue maker Jim Buss Comes with 3 shafts. Weights are as follows: 4.19, 4.16, 4.05 Butt weighs 15.80 Message me for more pics/ SOLD
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    Random Question

    What makes a cue so expensive? Say a Scruggs, a Gilbert, a Southwest etc.
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    1 of 1 Rare Signed Nubs Wagner Nova

    1/1 Custom Nova Sneaky Pete. This has been a personal cue of Nubs, made around 1999 or 2000 and has been signed by Nubs Wagner. Nubs said this is a rare cue and he made very few 30 inches shafts in his career. Black phenolic insert. Stainless steel joint collar, 5/16x14. Tulipwood buttcap...
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    The Missing Mosconi Piece

    Justin Bergman needs to be on this team! Now before you say he didn't qualify so he must not care about it enough to be on the team hear me out. He, himself, has said on this chat board that it's hard to justify going to these qualifiers when the money doesn't justify the expenses. That is...
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    OB1 Shaft

    Used but in good condition 5/16x14 pin. $SOLD
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    Nubs Wagner Nova Pool Cue

    6 Point Nova Signed 2001 by Nubs Original Wrap In good condition $SOLD
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    Kodi Streaming

    Pool matches ever streamed on Kodi app? If so where can you find them
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    Mosconi cup team in st. Louis

    Any info on the Mosconi Cup team at Ballpark Village? I know it begins at 5pm. How long did it last when they did this last year? What all goes down? Do the guys play an exhibition, meet and greet, etc?? Is it worth going to? Coming from couple hours away. Any info besides the flyer would...
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    WTB Nova Cue

    Looking for Nova pool cue. Send pics and info to 217-653-1782 Thanks
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    New Interactive Sports App

    A new interactive sports app is coming out next month. It's free, you can bet coins on games or certain scenarios-will there be more or less than 3 turnovers in a half, will this play be a pass or run, over under certain number of yards on a play. You win coins when you when a "bet". You can get...
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    Original Ray Schuler For Sale

    Great condition 4 pointer with 20 Ivory inlays discretely personalized between the points Designed for Jim Oliver Also have a Predator Z2 shaft made for Schuler cue that I will throw in 13mm 18.2 ounces Gray stained Birdseye maple and 4 ebony points Stainless steel collar $1200 OBO Will...
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    Jim Buss Cue

    Anyone have a decent Buss cue for sale/trade?
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    Schon LTD For Sale

    Schon LTD Never been used Ivory Ferrule Sold
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    For Sale Signed Nova Cue

    PRICE DROP!!!!! 6 Point Nova Black points with Briarwood Signed by Nubs 2001 Price Drop $640
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    FS McDaniel

    McDaniel cue for sale with 2 shafts In great condition $SOLD
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    8 Point Wrap less Nova

    8 point wrap less nova La Pro tip Good Condition SOLD