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    Scruggs Titlist conversion

    Beautiful cue -- nice to show off the full splice by keeping the cue wrapless. Titlist and Scruggs are a strong combination. GLWS!
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    Ralph Greenleaf Book (signed copies)

    Congratulations on publication of your book, Mr. Korte. I've just sent my payment, and I look forward to reading it! Larry Moy
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    Babe Cranfield

    Bob - Babe had not been competing much for years before the early 60s. He told me once that the reason he got back into tournaments at that time was because, after the Hustler, the prize money got better. Also, he had two sons who were getting ready to go off to school so his family could use...
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    Bob Jewett Recieves BCA President's Award

    Fantastic to hear about this great honor. Amazing how many different ways Bob has been advancing and supporting our sport. Congrats, Bob! -- Larry Moy (P.S. Thanks for patiently explaining what is going on to me every time we're at a 3-C tournament!)
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    Unqualified Recommendation -- Jay Spielberg of A-1 Billiard Service

    Mentioned this as part of a thread on a different topic (Simonis installation videos), but thought Jay deserved his own thread. For years, my table was not playing right -- rails slow, not as level as it should have been, banking angles off, etc. I had paid other folks (more than one) to try...
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    Fellini case on ebay

    Nice looking black Fellini case for sale on ebay. I've dealt with the seller, and he's a good guy. Time running out on this one. Here's the link...
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    Great Poolroom

    I don't post a lot, but I just went to Drexeline Billiards ( in Drexel Hill, PA for the first time and was blown away. I had been meaning to get there for over a year, since meeting Bob Maidhoff, the owner, at Peter Burrows' Maryland Open tournament. I'm...
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    A new old cue by Tom Migliore of TNS Cues

    Here is a Titlist conversion. Matched it up with an old Brunswick case that needed cleaning and a new strap, but was otherwise in decent shape. The original oak one-piece cue looked rough, with a lot of scuff marks and shallow dings, but cleaned up nicely. In original form, had no idea...