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    Help with cue tip contact point.

    I could use some help. I am trying to apply Mark Wilson’s chapters 3-6. His orthodox approach appeals very strongly to how I learn. I suppose it's time to open up to criticism here. :) Historically, the impact point on the CB is right of intended. Mark’s alignment, stance, and elbow position...
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    Misses Begat Misses

    Not really a question, but an observation that I'm sure all of you here already know, but sometimes we need to come to these conclusions on our own in spite of others having emphasized it ad nauseam. The value of mental and emotional control cannot be overstated. Misses begat misses...
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    Shoulder or back issues?

    Spending time every day at the table has caused me discomfort of my bridge arm shoulder and occasionally my neck. Have any of you experienced issues playing a lot? How did you overcome the issues? Just play through it, rest periodically, or something else? It might be unique to me having...
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    Can a stick be wrapped?

    Sorry for the naive question but I just bought a used Huebler cue. It has a glossy grip area and after playing a while it gets sticky, uncomfortable. My Adams has a fabric grip and I prefer its feel but the Huebler hits better. Can a cue stick be wrapped? Pros and cons? Best places to have this...
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    Do you use a mental checklist?

    Do any of you use a mental checklist? Some years ago when I was an avid bowler, when I was off my game, I’d break out my mental checklist for things to review. Over the years I had developed a list of common reasons I was not on-target. On nights when I was dialed in, the checklist stayed put...
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    Dr. Dave's Shot Making Drill Spreadsheet

    Apologies if this is stepping on proprietary material. Please advise if I need to take it down. I developed a spreadsheet to aid with placement of the drill Dr. Dave describes in his "Top 10 Aim, Alignment, and STROKE DRILLS", video described around the 11:00 - 12:30 mark. The sheet shows the...
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    How long a backstroke?

    I've noticed my accuracy improves when I shorten my backstroke. I realize it is difficult to speak in generalities and what might work for someone might not work for me, but is there a recommended length for the backstroke?
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    More aim and "grooving the stroke" issues and questions

    Furlough and stay-at-home lockdown are a mixed blessing. Been practicing more trying to make my aim and stroke more automatic and thoughtless. Not having much success. Last week had some success with tweaking my stance to ensure I am more consistent lining up with my vision center. But it...
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    I'll admit I'm a newbie here. Also a relative newbie to the sport (game?), even though I've played on and off for years, I have only in the last year become a little more serious about learning how to Play Well, and have joined leagues. I have seen some recent posts lamenting some of the...
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    Glossary / List of Jargon and Abbreviations?

    There's a lot of jargon and acronyms on this site. Some of them are pretty obvious (CB = Cue Ball, OB = Object Ball), but some, to those new to the game and to this site, send newbies such as myself scrambling around searching, sometimes with success, others not so much. Such as CTE = Center...
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    Naturally straight stroke vs learned straight stroke

    Prolly been watching too many or the wrong kind of vids . . . LOL Have a serious problem making shots. I've mentioned here before I can make a ton of straight in shots in a row, then walk away from the table 10 minutes, come back and not be able to make 3 in 10. So I have been experimenting...
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    When does equipment make a difference?

    I used to do road course race car tracking. I have instructed at over 120 track days. Constantly I encountered students (and others) whose primary focus was on the car: what mods should I make? Should I get (these brake pads) (these shocks) (this exhaust) (these sway bars)? My usual answer...
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    Strangest break I've ever seen

    This happened last night in USAPL league. At the break, the CB jumped and started to fly off the table. For whatever reason, it stopped - and stayed - on the cloth portion of the rail. I shoulda taken a picture. Long story short, after much debate, it was concluded that it was not a...
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    How do you turn the tide when you just don't "have it"

    First post. Been a lurker for a while but only in fall of 2019 have I started playing in league. Probably been covered many times but please, be gentle on a noob. Tonight I played my absolute worst. I knew after I lost the first two racks (8-ball) that I was in trouble. So, how do you turn...