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  1. cuehobby

    WTB: LD/Composite shaft 5/16x18

    Looking for LD shaft (OB Classic or Jacoby Edge Hybrid) in 5/16x18. Will also look at carbon fiber shaft. PM me what got with specs (tip diameter, weight, length & price). Will update thread once I end up buying one. Until then... still looking for one.
  2. cuehobby

    WTB Ebony Titlist Brunswick

    Looking for an Ebony Titlist Brunswick that hasnt been converted from the Hoppe era. It doesnt matter if it's a one or two piece or if it has wrap or not. If it's in great shape, I'll probably just keep it the way it is. If not, it will be converted by a cuemaker. PM me with what you have.
  3. cuehobby

    WTB OB Classic 3/8x10 shaft

    looking for 3/8x10 OB Classic shaft (29 or 30 inch) around 3.8 oz or heavier, with a medium tip, to go on a Sneaky Pete (so no collar or with collar dont matter), shipped to FL, let me know what you have
  4. cuehobby

    3/8x10 Modified Pin question

    Will a 3/8x10 Modified Pin work on a Standard 3/8x10 shaft? Or is it the other way? Thanks in advance.
  5. cuehobby

    FS: Predator Z Shaft 30"

    Predator Z 30" shaft: straight,piloted 5/16x14, weighs 3.7 oz no cracks, layered tip and just dirty from chalk will fit Joss, Schon and most 5/16x14 joint screw $115 shipped priority If not satisfied after receiving it, just return for refund.
  6. cuehobby

    Mohawk & Joss cue with Predator Z shaft

    Mohawk cues with original shaft (around 13mm) A few battle scars but great condition for its age Butt-section about 15.8 oz & shaft is about 3.7 oz $275 shipped priority Joss cue with a Predator Z shaft 30" (will sell shaft separate) Butt-section is SOLD Predator Z shaft about 3.7 oz ($125...
  7. cuehobby

    WTB weight bolt for Schon 1.5 to 2.0 oz

    looking for a weight bolt for Schon (stock thread) that screws the bumper on top of it length: no longer than 2 & 5/8 weight: at least 1.5 oz, better if it's around 2.0 oz let me know what you got and how much
  8. cuehobby

    WTB: Butt section 5/16x14 piloted joint screw

    Looking for a butt section length: 29" or 30" weight: around 15 oz (better if it has a removable bolt) preferably with linen or cork wrap (if no wrap, not a big deal) will look at all style (plane, only points or with inlays) budget: 100-350 Thread will stay active until search is over Thanks...
  9. cuehobby

    WTB LD Shaft 3/8x11

    looking for LD (OB Classic or Pro, Predator, Jacoby Hybrid) Shaft 3/8x11 thread, around 4 oz or heavier, at least 29" or longer Better if plain black collar, but will keep options open and straight please PM me with what you got thanks
  10. cuehobby

    WTB OB Classic 3/8x11 Shaft

    looking for an OB Classic shaft 3/8x11 29" or 30" (3.8oz and over) PM me Thanks NOTE: Once i find one, i'll delete edit the post.
  11. cuehobby

    WTB Cue or butt-section 5/16x14 joint

    Thank you for all that contacted me. The search is over.
  12. cuehobby

    Piece of Awesome Rosewood Burl & Instroke Predator Cue Case

    Hondurian Rosewood Burl I bought this 5 years ago from Cornerstone 18" by 1.5" pictures don't do justice coz it's much nicer in person Price: $old pending payment (shipped usps & insured) p@yp@l payment as gift Leather Predator Case by Instroke 2x4 Like new condition & only used for storage...
  13. cuehobby

    LTB linen or cork wrapped handle 5/16x14

    Looking for a cue or butt-section alone will do butt section must weight between 15-15.5 oz must have a linen or cork wrap must be straight also 5/16x14 piloted joint screw let me know what you have thanks
  14. cuehobby

    Classic TAD, JF Southwest, OB shafts & Dufferin

    Just in time for Christmas OB Classic Pro Shafts 5/16x14 Both straight, around 4 oz each, factory diameter PRICE: $140 each (insured, shipped usps priority) All prices (shipping and insurance included) Selling them separately or bundle Paypal payment as gift Feel free to PM me any questions
  15. cuehobby

    FS: Kenny Murrell Oak & Carom King brunswick titlist conversions

    Need to come up with funds to finance other cue in progress All are brand new, completed in 2014; except for the 314 shaft Only selling one and will keep the other that dont sell first. Brunswick Oak Titlist conversion Someone got a really good deal. Brunswick Carom King Titlist conversion...
  16. cuehobby

    *** Searing Spot - want to buy, trade or both ***

    If possible and if Dennis doesn't mind having someone take over someone's reserved spot. I tried the direct e-mail and calling route a few years ago but had no luck. Which I understand, coz he's probably already booked years ahead. I have 3 years left of active duty before retiring. Some folks...
  17. cuehobby

    PJ It's George cue - LTT for Mezz Power Break

    I recently got this PJ BEM It's George cue that i would like to TRADE for a Mezz Power Break (must have wrap). Its a beautiful nice playing cue, but I have too many playing cues and no break cue. here the link for pics:
  18. cuehobby

    wtb lf: 5/16x14 custom JPs

    looking for 3 piece set piloted 5/16x14, non-generic joint protectors doesnt have to be new pm me if you have some you're willing to part with happy holidays
  19. cuehobby

    FS Shafts: Predator 314, Pre cat, Fat shaft, OB classic pro

    Seven shafts for sale (from left to right) Predator 314 pre cat - 29", 12.70mm, 4.0 oz, straight, ferrule replaced and new tip, 5/16x14, Price $175 Predator Fat shaft - Price: $old 314 break shaft - Price: $old Predator 314 pre cat - factory line above the collar, 29", 12.5mm, 4.0 oz, slight...
  20. cuehobby

    FS: Murrell, Scruggs, Mezz, Bar cue

    FS: Kenny Murrell cue Kenny Murrell (brand spanking new, not even hit tested) Butt section: Four pointer Ebony on Ebony with Hoppe veneers combination. Loaded with tons of silver inlays, diamond notches, juma and mother of pearls. No rubber bumper, marked with Murrell 2013 Joint is made of juma...