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    Shane's mom needs the value of cues

    Having played pool at Breakroom Billiards in Rapid City and seeing the trophies Shane has won, I’m sure those cues are worth a great deal. Whatever the increase in insurance rates would be, I’m sure they are worth it.
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    SBE postponed

    You all missed my point. Covid deaths had 2 components. One was the obvious political one. The other was money. “Ask FactCheck's conclusion: "Recent legislation pays hospitals higher Medicare rates for COVID-19 patients and treatment. We rate the claim that hospitals get paid more if patients...
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    SBE postponed

    Jay, I agree. 500,000 deaths in one year is pretty bad. However, many of those deaths were due to a car accident, heart attack, etc. My wife is a nurse practitioner; I’ve had to keep up with Covid information whether or not I wanted to. Due to reimbursement, many hospitals counted anyone who...
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    Tomahawk on Cynergy?

    Kelly, did you buy the Juma ferrule for the Cynergy cue or did you make it? Looks like you made it. Are they for sale? If so, how much? Do you have a procedure for removing old Cynergy ferrule and then installing the new ferrule? I get nothing from Cuetec when I ask them. Thanks!
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    Artificial tips?

    I’ve tried a tip made of a rubbery substance (don’t remember the name); it sucked big time. No control as anything other than center english caused miscues.
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    Sixteen pool halls in NY win injunction to reopen

    Under the Trump administration, the Covid vaccines were fast tracked (normally takes years not months to get new drugs through the FDA). My daughter works for Pfizer. She told me in late October the distribution network was being set up for the launch of their vaccine. The production and...
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    Pool cue tip glue for z2 shaft ferrule

    Kim is right. Old glue sure could be the problem. Are you using a lathe? Make sure the ferrule is faced flat.
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    Homemade Lathe Design Issue

    Earlier you had asked about toggle clamps. I use several in my woodworking. The ones I use can auto adjust for various heights of stock. Armor (sp) makes very good ones. Trouble is, depending on where you need them, they could interfere with what you are trying to do. There are several videos...
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    Runout on mid-size Cuesmith lathe

    Hi All, I’ve had my mid-size Cuesmith lathe for almost 6 years. I checked the runout when I got it with my dial indicator and it was about .002. Just checked this morning and it was about .003. Is this acceptable for replacing tips, ferrules and tenons? If not, is there a way to adjust the chuck...
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    Cuetec Cynergy ferrule

    I’m curious if anyone has replaced the Cynergy ferrule for a customer. If so, where did you get the new ferrule and how much trouble was it to remove and install. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    Shaft that wobbles on lathe when set up for cleaning

    Thanks to any or all who may have an answer for me. I recently bought a Cynergy shaft (3/8x14 pin) and used a new driver pin on my lathe for set up and cleaning. I know, many of you are saying why bother to put this shaft on a lathe, but I’ve done that for years with all my cues. However, the...
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    Cuetec CF shafts

    A question for those who own a Cuetec CF shaft. How would you describe the sound made when the cue contacts the cue ball? With a soft or super soft tip, would the sound be a muted, dull thud? Do medium and hard tips make a sound like breaking glass, tink or ping sound? I like a soft hitting cue...
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    Cuetec CF shaft

    I finally had a chance to hit the Cuetec CF shaft last night. The tip on the shaft was a Kamui black medium. I was shocked the shaft made a tick sound when hit. From my experience this sound is usually due to a poor tip glue up. Any current Cuetec CF users experienced this sound? If so, how were...
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    Neoprene rubber to cushion hit

    A question for those far more knowledgeable than me. Has anyone tried a small piece of neoprene rubber between the ferrule and tip? CA glue should hold them both. I have several “soft” (I use this term VERY loosely) tips that I know will harden in a few weeks. Just wondering if the rubber will...
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    How do cue balls affect the sound of the hit

    Thoughts from your experiences with different brands of cue balls and different tips would be greatly appreciated. I recently installed a Precision hard tip on one of my personal cues. I played for a few days on my son's table; don't know the brand of balls that came with it. Bottom line, when I...
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    Help with Very Soft tips

    Thanks in advance for any help on this. Attached is a photo of a (supposedly) Very Soft tip. When I started to shape the tip with a new Lenox titanium blade, it made the sound of a trowel scraping across a brick!! As you will notice, it DID NOT ribbon like other tips. In fact, I would say it...
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    Soft tips hardening quickly

    I've run into a problem I can't solve. When I install a super or very soft tip (same for a soft tip), the tip will harden with less than 20 hours of playing time. I mean so hard I have to use a dead blow hammer to remove most of the tip. I then use a sharp cutting tool to remove the rest of the...
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    Diameter of Lucasi LZL-10 tenon

    Hope this is the right place to ask this, since many cuemakers also repair cues. I just got a Lucasi LZL-10 cue and wondered what the tenon diameter is. I don't want to remove the tip just to measure the tenon. Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Russell's Pool Room Belle Glade, FL

    An old timer here who grew up in Belle Glade, FL. Anyone on here regularly that either played there or knew Russell Weeks? He has passed on to the great pool room in the sky, but still some fond memories of some good players there. Thanks and I hope someone has memories or thoughts to share.