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  1. Rico

    Soft Elephant ear wrap

    Anyone have soft EEwrap?
  2. Rico

    Changing type of wrap

    What has to be done to change from linen wrap to a leather wrap?
  3. Rico

    Seeing blue during covid isnt so bad

    Seeing Runde blue during covid isnt so bad Double vision blue is great,these recent beauties can cheer up anyone.Bob can create just the right medicine .R-6 and matching R-12.These can cure any pool blues.
  4. Rico

    New shaft?

    If you could have anyone build you a maple shaft for your favorite cue who would it be?
  5. Rico


    I just wonder if any have tried Samsara,s True Shaft,compared to CF or other LD shafts. I have not hit with all but several and istill like maple .I know hit is subjective but i guess i know i dont see the diffence for the money.
  6. Rico

    difference in 3/8 10 and 3/8 10 modified

    Will 3/8 10 shaft fit 3/8 10 mod. pin? Ive been told different answers.
  7. Rico

    Johnson City

    I just wondered how many on here went to Jansco,s tournament in Johnson City. And can remember the cue club out back.50 years ago and it is what got my juices going and still does.Anyone have any great old stories (especially gambling ones ) before the raid.
  8. Rico

    Dan DeCola cues?

    Anyone have any experience with this cue maker?
  9. Rico

    Book time?

    Jay, it just might be book time.
  10. Rico


    Like to see some different Tascarellas
  11. Rico

    Bill Stroud

    Great interview with Bill by Tor Lowry on his Patreon segment. Some might not realize how good Bill played.Thanks Tor.
  12. Rico

    Ariel Carmeli

    Looking to trade 6 point Ebony and real stuff ***** for high end Runde .Will send pics and specs to serious buyers Sell cash price $2500.
  13. Rico

    Dean Martin and Lil Dino,s Paradise cue,s

    I saw the set of Frank Paradise cues that Frank Sinatra commissioned Paradise to make for Dean and his son Lil Deano .Matching cues that are as good as any he made. That collector has an all ivory handled Gina. Not the Glenn,s but a stout collection
  14. Rico

    Chicago player

    What ever happened to Artie B(dont know the spelling) in Chicago ? Never hear anyone refer to him in stories players . If i remember his high gear was as good as about anyone.
  15. Rico

    Tuscon pool

    Any Tuscon az players have suggestions were to play ? small tournaments or action.
  16. Rico

    Shaft comparison

    How can you compare a Revo thats not custom fit to a cue too a custom fit compression shaft from Dennis Searing ? Just have trouble believing a stock off the shelf CF shaft can compare.
  17. Rico

    Shooters ,Olathea KS.

    Any results from Shooters 1pkt and 9-ball in Olathea?
  18. Rico


    One of Bob's rare bridge-veneered beauties.This is not going to be stored like a Lamborghini or Ferrari to just look at. It deserves to be played with.Having played R and S model Schons and several Rundes over 40yrs.,this hits as good as any.
  19. Rico

    Mid West Bar Table

    Any brackets for the midwest bar tourn.?
  20. Rico

    Old master found

    This was one of six that Bob made in late 82 -83 .All were alike with small differences, like wrap ,or veneer colors. Originally for Dallas West,George Brundt,Luther Lassiter,Jay Flowers,Scott Kitto,and myself Ray Fredericksen.I sold mine in the late 80,s for personal reasons becoming a father...