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  1. Maxx

    Got a call, new player

    My daughter said some lady called, something about a pool cue! Now I’m enjoying my new satin South West. Cue plays nicely and I’m a sucker for simplicity!
  2. Maxx

    Multiple inexpensive cues

    All sold, except the Joey, I couldn’t part wit it! One left, the Meucci is pretty rare, it’s almost straight! Lower prices and all OBO. I’d rather not go to eBay, so send me an offer! Multiple cues for sale. With the exception of the Bollman (can’t get used to the OB ferrule), they play...
  3. Maxx


    I like Birdseye! Cousins, Brainard, Byrne, & Huebler.
  4. Maxx

    Huebler shaft

    I am looking for a Huebler shaft with the nylon insert. Black collar preferred, but open to any collar type. Thanks
  5. Maxx

    David Brainard cue

    I had wanted to try a 60” cue and after a couple of good reviews of David’s cue I gave him a call. The cue is came out great and David built it exactly as I requested. Painless process and I couldn’t be happier with results. Birdseye and Amazon Rosewood.
  6. Maxx

    Huebler Custom Shop

    Someone bumped the thread about Mr. Huebler’s passing and it got me thinking about his work. Here is a photo of some of the cues that came out of the Custom Shop. The cues span from 1986-98, and I’ve enjoyed shooting with all of them.
  7. Maxx

    Mark Bear question

    I have a full splice Mark Bear cue that I’d like to get refinished at some point. Its full splice and the veneers aren’t the same thickness, especially in the “V” area. I’m assuming that something was “off” during construction, but can someone explain what they think happened? I’m just...
  8. Maxx

    Step back to 1988

    Here’s a little trip back. A Huebler from 1988. I bought this many years ago on Craigslist. It was in Florida, and after talking to the guy on the phone I decided to take a chance. He said he was a retired NYC police office and I sent him some money, he didn’t do PayPal. Plays great, 4 shafts...
  9. Maxx

    GTF 2x4 case

    SOLD My loss is your gain, pocket is too short for my freakishly long jump cue handle. Case is as new, never left the house. Pretty firm on the price, I like the case and could always get a new jump cue. Added photos showing small blemishes or scuffs. I had to look to find them.
  10. Maxx

    It’s George 2x4 Case

    Sold It’s George 2x4 Case Seasoned case with key for sale, $SOLD shipped. Pictures show the scuffs, this is a well used case.
  11. Maxx

    Murrell Cue

    Kenny Murrell $SOLD Shipped and insured via USPS priority mail Nice condition, small dent on butt sleeve. Straight, but slight variation in the taper gap on the shafts Shaft 1 3.8 oz 12.8 mm Shaft 2 3.8 oz 12.8 mm Butt 15.4 oz Nicely made cue, you can actually see the wear on the wood pilot...
  12. Maxx

    Callaluca cues

    A plain conversion cue with some really nice cocobolo and maple. I’ll add a picture taken outside to show it better. Straight and pretty good shape. The shaft with more play has a ferrule that is pitted and holding chalk. Cue is played, but in good shape. $SOLD Butt 15.2 oz Shaft 1 3.9 oz 12.9...
  13. Maxx

    Manzino player

    Early Manzino $Sold shipped and insured via USPS. One of Mr. Manzino’s early cues. Six point, three hi and three low, with two veneers. Straight and in pretty good condition. A few scuffs on the butt sleeve and the finish has some chips on the very bottom of the butt cap. 3/8 12 pin Manzino jp’s...
  14. Maxx

    Coker plain jane

    Coker cue with 1 shaft, marked 03-06 $SOLD shipped and insured via USPS. I was told it’s Cocobolo. 3/8 x 10 pin Butt 15.0 oz Shaft 3.7 oz 12.7 mm Pretty good shape, no dents or finish issues, one small scuff on the butt that didn’t show in the pictures. The butt is really the same color as the...
  15. Maxx

    The story behind Dr. King pool photo

    Here's the story behind the iconic photo of Dr. King shooting pool in Chicago. Turns out that even though it was set up, Dr. King "loved" pool!
  16. Maxx

    Well used Huebler

    Haven’t had many Hueblers posted lately. This one is well used, but is still fun to shoot with. The shafts are pretty thin and it ought to be refinished, but for now it’s all good.
  17. Maxx

    Willard’s tipper & Porper big shaver

    Williards classic tipper trimmer with dvd $SOLD shipped. Works fine, but I’ve been using a lathe and don’t need it. Porper big shaver, mushroom grazer, & little shaver. 2 sets to sell. Both SOLD I thought I had some extra blades, if I find them they are included, otherwise plan on getting...
  18. Maxx

    The great one

    I don't know what his FargoRate would have been, but they had an old clip of a Jackie Gleason interview.
  19. Maxx

    Playing shape around obstacles

    Sometimes you have to play shape around natural hazards.
  20. Maxx

    WTT a Nitti for a Bluegrass Birdseye

    Nitti is sold, still have the Manzino and others to trade. Looking to trade a Nitti 4 point, 4 veneer, ebony into maple. 33rd cue in 2005. One owner cue, just driven on Sundays. Butt: 15.5oz with .5oz weight bolt Shaft 1: 4.0 oz 13mm Shaft 2: 3.8 oz just under 13 mm Has a 3rd shaft that I...