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  1. HueblerHustler7

    Danny your cue is finished...

    Truly stunning cue! Just wow!
  2. HueblerHustler7

    43 to old to start?

    Defiantly not! love and enjoy the game! If you find yourself not enjoying the apa, or league for that matter, then stop. The importance is enjoying yourself while doing something you love, sometimes tournaments, leagues, or gambling can take that enjoyment away for some.
  3. HueblerHustler7

    Ferrule replacement on cabon fiber shaft

    Tape with blue painters tape a couple times around where the chuck contacts the shaf, this works plenty well for me and I have done plenty of work on carbon fiber shafts, do not over tighten.
  4. HueblerHustler7

    Ferrule replacement on cabon fiber shaft

    Better off asking in ask the cue maker section, they will be able to help you. I also Have a thread on the modification I did to my Cynergy shaft. Hope this can help, though Im not sure what issues your are having with your...
  5. HueblerHustler7

    Who Makes Good Hit Radial Pin Cue/Butt?

    Capone, Diveney, and I hear great things about Josey cues.
  6. HueblerHustler7

    Sold 2020 Guerra cue

    BUMP her up!
  7. HueblerHustler7

    Taom Chalk

    Literally the best chalk out there ( Pyro) No marks on the table or cue ball, and gets great action. No gimmick, and this price is very very good. GLWS
  8. HueblerHustler7

    Best affordable break cue

    Look into the pooldawg jump break. If they still make it it worked pretty good!
  9. HueblerHustler7

    Tomahawk on Cynergy?

    Ok my current set up I did was Juma into the tomahawk, and currently playing with a lepro tip, also took the shaft down a bit in the first 4-5 inches or two to 12mm, its not as pretty in the front on the carbon but just as smooth and plays jam up! Waiting on a new sniper tip because I feel once...
  10. HueblerHustler7

    What MM shaft do you prefer?

    13mm to 12mm, all depends on the setup. taper and such. But as of right now I am using my (custom set up) 12mm cynergy made from a 12.4.
  11. HueblerHustler7

    I fell for the Carbon Fiber Hype

    IMHO Jacoby black 12.3 was shit, tried my friends for a night and experienced the same thing, it is no way on the same par of the cynergy or revo shaft. Granted there is a learning curve and you line may be a little off or what ever type of (aiming) you are using needs to be tweaked. Some...
  12. HueblerHustler7

    Laurie Franklin (Southwest Cues) just called....

    That is Fantastic hopefully I will see more of them out there! Thank you for the information.
  13. HueblerHustler7

    Laurie Franklin (Southwest Cues) just called....

    I was under the impression that they only make pointed cues now. They don't accept any orders for Merry Widows. If I am wrong please do say so, as I am a bigger fan of widow cues than pointed cues.
  14. HueblerHustler7

    Best Non-laminated tip?

    Find a good le pro and man do they play awesome, it's finding them that can become a pain in the Ass.
  15. HueblerHustler7

    Worst and best cue you have ever used

    Worst I ever hit with was a Jacoby custom with a ld shaft 11.75 mm... Whippiest cue ive ever hit with. Granted I like stiff hitting cues, so the best for me is my current player 2012 Tony Guerra cue perfect balance for me stiff hit and great tone! Fallowed by sugar tree I owned, a specific pat...
  16. HueblerHustler7

    Milk Duds Tips by Adam Frank

    where can I get access to these? Ive tried Pooldawgs on here but these seem like they would be a bit taller and plus I wouldn't mind trying some different duds... As long as they aren't duds... If you know what I mean lol.
  17. HueblerHustler7

    Shaft weight matter? My jacoby black arrived.

    You may like the forward balance! balance point of the cue it typically measured with the shaft on and from the bumper up. Also the forward balance may just end up be comfortably countered by gripping slightly further back on the cue. Also check if you can add weight into the back of the cue...
  18. HueblerHustler7

    Rogue users...

    Its not really that slow rise in my opinion, its right between the feel of the cynergy and revo taper is the only way I can describe it, most people say its very comfortable. Hope this helps, best way is to try it yourself and if you don't like it flip it.
  19. HueblerHustler7

    Shaft weight matter? My jacoby black arrived.

    for my cue 3.4 or 3.5 oz would be way to light but that because I like a more forward balanced cue. Put it on and try it out see how your stroke feels or if it feels to front heavy or makes the cue over all weigh to much for you. You can specify to most dealers to find your a shaft in their...
  20. HueblerHustler7

    Zan HybridMax Experience?

    After about 4-5 years of playing with Zan mediums on and off, I always go back to them because of the hit and constancy, I decided to try the Hybrid Max tip finally. I was very excited being it's suppose to be a bit harder than the Zan plus medium tips. They claim that the tip is pressed hard...