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  1. PoodlePuncher

    Extra cue balls - Valley owners

    I have a set of Aramith Crown standards, and recently bought a set of Dynasphere Tungstens, but i use a magnetic cue ball with my valley, so this got me to wondering... what do other Valley owners do with the extra cue balls? they've got to pile up for those that replace the balls...
  2. PoodlePuncher

    Operation: Bar Box Rescue

    My buddy's parents offered to give me their pool table, and i finally got a chance to go check it out. Backstory: They acquired it shortly after they bought the house in '79 Before that it was at the "Muni" (and possibly the American Legion) in Wayzata, where it hosted a whole cavalcade of...
  3. PoodlePuncher

    Break Cues

    It's been over 20 years since i've looked at cues, so i'm wondering Aside from a hard tip, what differentiates a "Break" cue from a "Regular" cue? is there a different taper? I see a few that are heavier (~25oz), but most are offered in the standard weights up to 21oz. Any reason to buy a...
  4. PoodlePuncher

    $50 Score of the day

    Waiting to bring my table home, and was looking for a new set of balls... Scored this for $50 off FB Marketplace Don't know the quality of the "HJ Scott stuff" or the "Rage cues", but it contains a new set of Aramith Crown Standards, which was exactly what i wanted. looks like the set was...
  5. PoodlePuncher

    New User

    Hey everyone, New user, so i figured i should introduce myself... I've been reading posts here for years via google search results, but i never registered because: A: I didn't have a table B: i thought this was an Arizona Billiards forum /facepalm Growing up, my family had a nice Brunswick...