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    Womens Fashion and Pool

    Hell, Jasmin Ouschan can get 10K likes from me alone.
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    How common are break cues amongst avid amateur players in the US?

    I have three knocking around in my basement between the tables. I never take them outside because I'm a poser and don't want to embellish the illusion. Then I use my player or off the wall, depending on my mood.
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    Practicing 6 basic position shots,over and over again.

    Bert Kinister's shotmakers workout.
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    Brand new Diamond table marking balls

    You know there are thousands of Gold Crown guys laughing their butts off with all these Diamond problems. How many years to fix the cushions? Pockets? It's decades.
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    SBE postponed

    Politics aside, there are some strange posts here. SBE 2020 did not exist. Nobody attended. There was no last year. You, me, we all lost a year out of our lives. There were a couple of cues I wanted to test drive last year. This year I want to test drive some CF shafts, maybe buy one. I'm ready...
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    Weather check............

    14 when I got the paper this morning. But predicted to be 60 on Wednesday, the Harley will get a serious workout.
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    I got $1,500 so tell me........

    When was this. Whenever I walked into the money room it was so serious you could hear a mouse fart.
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    *THE REAL* Pool's 15 most influential people/brands list

    Wait, what? Charlie Williams vs. Earl? That's the guy known for his picture bending a cue in half breaking a rack. He's caused more broken Walmart cues than Earl ever did. Famous for that?
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    Burn hole 860hr

    Smoking, drinking or eating on my table would get you uninvited, forever. I have a sign of "house rules" that stipulates removal or termination depending on how cranky I am.
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    Diamond pro price question

    I haven't kept count but you've heard from a bunch of us who worked our way back from injury. None have said to sell your table. All have reported how long it takes to recover. It's not a need to play pool, it's a need to recover one's life. A table is just another tool of PT. Although a fun...
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    Diamond pro price question

    On your feet and squatting, bring up a question of have you tried the snooker stance? Also about PT. If an hour a day makes you hurt after a week. Try 15 minutes every other day. If after a week or two it's OK try 20 minutes every other day. I know it seems impossibly long and drawn out but...
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    7 or 8 ft table - What is the preferred table

    Funny, I play in a bar with three 8' Valley/Dynamo's kept in very nice condition. But the freakin' cue balls all look like little moons. Whats up with that? Maybe someone uses a break cue as their shooter? The 15 OB's are fine so its not nails or screws in the pockets.
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    Diamond pro price question

    Fractured the distal end of the right fibia. That's the sticking out boney thing in the ankle. And messed up some other stuff in there. It took three years before I could walk without some sort of pain. Age has a lot to do with how fast and how much you heal. I'm a geezer. My table is both...
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    SBE postponed

    Tate, yeah I'm sorry I posted this cancelation notice. This has gone all NPR. There's a years worth of cabin fever coming to a head.
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    SBE postponed

    Sadly I think Patrick is right. Hopefully only partly. I would imagine sometime around September is closer to realistic. I've been waiting since last winter to test drive some CF shafts. I have the money and pocket burns to prove it.
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    Sixball - New billiards movie from South Korea

    Garczar, this ones for you. There once was a woman named Claire, Who possessed a magnificent pair, Or that's what I thought, Till I saw one got caught, On a thorn and began losing air.
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    Grip Nuances

    Very subjective, but I find my best stroke is balanced on the middle finger. No idea why.
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    Sixball - New billiards movie from South Korea

    I thought six ball was what you played after banging nine ball on a Valley 88.
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    SBE postponed

    Super Billiards Expo has been postponed once again. This time until June 24-27. It will be reevaluated and announced April 15th. Bummed again.