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    Masters non-Flag green chalk

    Up for best offer plus shipping, if anyone has any interest..... 5 Pieces of Master non-flag green chalk. as you can see from pic some of the wrappers are loose.
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    Rail Work on my GC3 by jzmechanix

    I would like to say thank you to jzmechanix for the rail work and the conversations. I shipped my rails to Jack and we settled on what cushions to use (Artemis Intercontinental, I have a motto "it only costs a quarter more to go first class"), what size pocket openings (4 1/2) and Jack went to...
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    FS Gold Crown 3 Pockets

    FS Gold Crown Pockets. Very good condition $60 shipping included.
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    FS Gold Letter Joss

    FS Gold Letter Joss. Excellent shape. $550 plus shipping.
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    Gold Crown 3 Name Plate Recessed

    Has anyone ever tried to recess the Brunswick name plate so that it is flush with the rail with success? Any pointers on how you accomplished this? Thanks in advance.
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    Gold Crown 3 Pockets

    I know there is a forum for, for sale stuff, I felt this was better served here. I have for sale a used set of Gold Crown 3 pockets for a ball return table. $75 plus shipping.
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    FS Gold Crown 3 Pockets

    For Sale, Used Gold Crown 3 Pockets for ball return. Nice shape. $75 plus shipping.
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    Master Chalk

    FS, 2 boxes of Red Master Chalk. Both boxed are sealer. Offer plus shipping.
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    Brunswick Titlist Willie Hoppe

    FS, Brunswick Titlist Willie Hoppe 1 piece cue. $350 plus shipping. This cue has been Sold.
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    NIB Centennial Balls

    FS, New in Box, Brunswick Gold Crown Centennial Balls. $150 plus shipping.
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    Willie Hoppe Titleist

    I have been kicking around selling my Willie Hoppe to help offset some Gold Crown III repairs. Would anyone know what approx value might be?
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    Missed matched GC rails

    I have a GC3 with a dead rail and started researching for the proper cushions to use for replacment. After reading forums here for two days I have come to the conclusion that Yes I have a screwed up GC3. (seems to be a common discussion) I have 2 rails that have a metal Tstrap that the corner...
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    Willie Hoppe Titlist

    I have Willie Hoppe Titlist house cue that I am looking to have have converted into a two piece. The individual that is going to do the work for me has recently started in the cue making bussiness. It is my understanding that these cues are full splice. Is there any problem turning the butt down...