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    BCM - 4 point player w/veneers, leather, jps

    I picked this up from Bryan Mordt brand new in 2009 and have played with it ever since. I'll miss it, but I just got word that my new cue is finished and I'm a 1 woman kind of guy. Plays great. Here are the specs: 4 rosewood points into maple forearm (made from a full splice blank) 4 veneers...
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    Brand New McDermott G303

    Brand new, unchalked McDermott G303 - I won this in a raffle from Omega Billiards at the Expo. Good cue for a player on a budget - McDermotts hit really well, and if I played with a production cue, it would definitely be one of theirs. Here's the info from McDermott...
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    Any interest in an AZB mini at the expo?

    I've been thinking.... there are a lot of tables here, and they're open to the public after midnight. There are a lot of AZBers here, too, and we talk about the game online all day, but rarely have the chance to get together and play in the real world. What if we put the two together? Does...
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    2009 BCM Semi-Full Splice 4 Pointer with Veneers

    *** At Super Billiards Expo now - see it in person, and you won't have to wait for or worry about shipping. *** I bought this cue new in April 2009 from Bryan Mordt, and it's been my daily player ever since. It hits great, and my game improved when I sold my Predator and bought this. I'm...
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    Question for the hard tip fans

    I've always played with soft tips. However, the other day I ended up shooting with my break cue for a while (phenolic tip), and really liked the feel. I'm thinking my stroke has improved enough that I might prefer the hard ones now, but I don't know anything about them... Does anyone have...
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    Practice to improve my 9 ball game?

    Ok, so I came back to the game after a couple of years off earlier this year, and for Christmas, my girlfriend entered me in the amateur 9 ball tournament at the Super Billiards Expo. I'm not in any kind of shape to produce a respectable showing there, and I've got almost 3 months to fix that...
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    WTB JPs for J&J Magic Jump

    I'm not sure what the joint is on this jump cue. It's some sort of quick release I don't recognize. Just looking for a cheap set, the cue only cost $40 new (but it jumps great!). Delrin/plastic/whatever is fine. Thanks!
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    WTB Joe Tucker's Racking Secrets

    Pretty straightforward, just what the title says. Anybody got a copy they'd like to sell me? Thanks!
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    FS: Predator 3k6 with 2 shafts, Z-2, and extras

    I know production cues don't typically do well here, but this one has been with me from my first three ball run to my first 2 pack, so I'm emotionally attached and would rather see it go to a good home than just drop it on ebay. If there's not enough interest in the next few days, I'll take it...
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    I'm trying to figure out what kind of price I'd be looking at on a refinish and if anyone would be interested in doing it. I've had this cue for 10 years now, and although I've taken pretty good care of it, it was already old and beaten up when I got it. No identifying marks whatsoever. It's...
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    Where to find 14.1 players?

    I recently picked up straight pool again after several years away. I've never been very good at it (more below), but I enjoy the game and the different angles from which it causes me to look at a pool table. I've also noticed improvement in areas that I can bring to my play in other games...
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    WTB or WTT: nice used case, 3x6 or larger

    I need a case that holds at least 3 butts, 6 shafts, and has a jump butt pocket. Looking for something on the nicer side, and in a perfect world someone's got a custom in great shape at a good price, but I'd consider an Instroke or similar as well. I'd like to buy outright or trade for a...
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    How to buy your first good cue

    I wrote this in another thread when somebody asked what people would buy in a specific price range, it got a lot longer than I meant it, and it seemed a little basic for the guy who asked the question. I didn't want to take the thread off topic, but didn't want good information to go to waste...
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    Help me price this cue and feeler -- Predator 3k6 w/Z and Z2, 2 cheap cases

    I have a custom coming in that should arrive sometime in the next week and a half or so, and I'll be selling my cue when it gets here. Can you guys help me put a number on this one? I'm planning to try to sell it locally, since it's a production cue, and I assume it'll sell faster around the...
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    Phenolic tip maintenance?

    Hi, I have a Predator BK2 with a phenolic tip, and like most phenolics, it gets slick and stops holding chalk well pretty quickly. When that happens, I usually just take my regular tip scuffer to it and rough it up a bit. Is that the right way to deal with the phenolic or is there a better...
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    WTB: great player w/leather wrap under $600

    I know there have been a couple posts similar to this in the last few days, but I can't read those guys' PMs, so here we go: I recently decided to make the switch from my production cue (Predator 3k6 with a Z2 shaft and a Z shaft) to a custom, and I ordered my new cue from Doug Patrick this...