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  1. JC

    Opinions on personal protection

    I have heard many time that if you're smelling it it's killing you. So on the other side of the coin if you are not able to smell it do you suppose you're ok? Or could it still be infiltrating your eyes and such.? Decided to give auto clear coat a try so I rolled my sanding lathe on wheels...
  2. JC

    Honduran Rosewood Burl

    This wood seems to be the current darling of aesthetics. Is it stable, hard and heavy enough to use as a cored handle without stabilizing? Never seen any. Have a fellow talking about using it in a cue. Thanks
  3. JC

    Very thin plastic sheets?

    Does anyone know a source for hard plastic sheets thinner than the .030" offered by Atlas? Would like to make some rings about .010-'015" thick. I know paper is an option but I like the crisp line plastic gives. I have a ring punch for veneer that would work fine on this thin material if I...
  4. JC

    The new forum is better in every way..........almost

    Does anyone else miss the ability to like someone's post with a brief comment that only they can see? It seems like the choices now are just like it publicly or start a conversation with them to give any feedback. The old thing was just the right in between action. Or am I missing something?
  5. JC

    Stuck in my thumb and pulled out a plum!

    I bought myself a jet drum sander for Christmas and I grabbed a square of rough sawn Bocote I have had in a stack for about 6 years. Ran it through the sander to see how it worked. I was quite pleased at what lay under that oxidized surface. I now want to surface that entire stack but can't...
  6. JC

    Break/Jump Cue Construction

    I am building a couple simple break/Jump cues for the first time. Do you guys turn down the two butt pieces to final size individually and then install the joint pin and insert as you would a butt and shaft or install the joint and turn it down as one piece. That is assuming after...
  7. JC

    Tulip Wood For Sale

    !!!Sold!!! This came from boards that were cut over 50 years ago. Longest is 19.5" Shortest is 16" I only cut them small enough to see the grain well. Range from 1.350 to 1.450" Some still have small flats but all have plenty of wood to build cues with. Photos show one side then...
  8. JC

    Question For Kelly's Cue Billet Users

    If you're using plain wood strips what is your work flow? Do you cut the strips then the grooves to fit or the other way around? How do you work the wood so the strips are perfect width? Obviously if you are using glued up laminate strips you have to cut the slots last but what about...
  9. JC

    A Coos Cue gratis for one of our service men

    I sent this cue as a gift to a gentleman and pool enthusiast who is one of my middle son's longest lasting friends from his days in the US navy. He just made Warrant Officer after 18 years of service to our country and I decided to show a little appreciation. Of his service and his enduring...
  10. JC

    Speaking of Mach 3 offsets and limits

    I have watched every how to video I can find and still have trouble with this concept. I set up soft limits to prevent my gantry and spindle from crashing in g54 and it works fine as long as you don't zero an axis. For instance if I center my x axis for ring billets by clicking on the zero x...
  11. JC

    Problem with 4th axis on CNC

    I have an E bay router table that I mounted a dovetail on for a nice tail stock and have had it for about a year and a half. I have cut a lot of ring billets on it using cue billet from Kelly. Suddenly I have an issue that I can't figure out what is causing. Cut a five slot billet with strips...
  12. JC

    When do I get concerned about USPS?

    Sent a cue to Texas on Monday priority mail 2 day and it's not there. Tracking is as follows: Does this mean it's gone forever after being 3 days late priority mail? Never had this happen before and have shipped many cues like this. When do I start contacting the postal service? Can you...
  13. JC

    Fabric softener on Simonis 860HR?

    I have cloth that is still in good shape technically. No tears, pretty clean. But it's rougher than hell after I vacuum it and clean it with a damp towel and woolite. By rough I mean abrasive feeling compared to when it was new and slick. I think it's taking a toll on my balls in more than...
  14. JC

    Solarez Problem

    So I decided to give Solarez another look and broke out the lamp and the resin. I thought everything was going great. Looked promising. layed it on top of zinsner shellac sanding sealer. After I went through all the grits and polished it the result was absolutely gorgeous. Until I noticed...
  15. JC

    Boring an internal taper

    I have a desire to bore an internal taper on my handle wood using my taper bar. What I have in mind is to taper the handle section of my full cores and slide the handle wood over the core from the joint end and glue it with titebond 2. .775 at the small end and .795 or so at the big end over...
  16. JC

    Break/Jump Pin Hardware?

    I want to make some Break/Jump cues and need some quick release joint hardware for the butt split. Pin and insert. I have seen some Chinese stuff that looks ok but the install threads are metric which does not appeal as I want to live thread. Something with SAE threads. PM please
  17. JC

    What are the reasons not to set the pin with super glue?

    I know this has been discussed but I am having trouble searching for this topic. I'm talking about self centering type pins with a machined barrel. But maybe other types too. It seems to me that with a properly machined joint hole where the pin fits tight and straight dry that medium super...
  18. JC

    Sentimental Cue

    One of my friends came in with these three ratty pieces of Myrtle wood all full of worm holes and punky. Said he got them at his Grandmother's house after she died recently. Wanted me to make a cue out of them. The three of them combined only measured 29 and a half inches. So I trued them up...
  19. JC

    Question for Brite Tone users

    I have not been happy with the water based sanding sealer Crystalac sells as part of their "system" as it doesn't penetrate evenly on certain woods and can look splotchy. And I don't like how it raises the grain. I much prefer solvent/shellac based products like Zinsner bulls eye for the rich...
  20. JC

    Finished one today

    This one is going to the East Coast Sindora burl handle with cocobolo. Full core PH. No doubt this one will "hit a ton" :smile: