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  1. Tommy-D

    Billy Thorpe. The ultimate issue is sponsorship

    Earl's deal (and from what I understand,Shane's too) was even sweeter than just 100k base salary,they also matched his winnings for the year 100% too 💪:cool:. That's why Earl was driving a Boxster in 2000. Tommy D.
  2. Tommy-D

    Do you know of players who had such Natural Talent, that they could have been a World Champion?

    The one that I remember the most in my area was a young kid I knew as Tito,now known as the late Peter Keanu. When I first met him,he was already running out with flair about a year and a half in. He moved off to Tulsa,and I had 3 different people tell me he was literally making a living...
  3. Tommy-D

    All Time Junior Player Rankings

    Shannon,Corey,and Charlie Williams all told me they couldn't have beaten Shane McMinn at 16 🤨. He was the first to win 3 BCA Junior titles. Wu is an entirely different animal. I'm guessing Landon Shuffett is still playing pretty well,even without playing full time. Tommy D.
  4. Tommy-D

    Bar Box monsters

    Sure was,but I was there in Memphis when he was offered the 7/8 from James Walden on a 9 footer,and he took a pass. I was like "damn,how does Bobby not play there",so I asked James. He said that if the bet was right,meaning 20k or more,that he had at least 60/40 the best of it,maybe even 70/30...
  5. Tommy-D

    Bar Box monsters

    I saw Danny Cook run out an 8-ahead in 12 minutes on Gary Lutman while juiced to THE GILLS in the early 90's at The Rack in Memphis,when that was THE SPOT to gamble on just about anything,all they had in Tunica was Splash and it was still being finished then. I truly believed Danny was the best...
  6. Tommy-D

    Artificial tips?

    I can tell you for SURE that the black or H version of the Future tip was a quite acceptable alternative to phenolics before anyone tried them,as long as it didn't eventually come apart from sidewall stress fractures. They BIT into the cue ball wonderfully,but when breaking every day they never...
  7. Tommy-D

    Ferrule - what material is closest to Ivory

    Warther's (used to the THE SPOT for ivory,and still is if you'll accept mammoth ivory,) has what he calls "drawer pulls" which are solid BONE ferrules,100% legal,plentiful,and cheap. Guitar companies like Martin use it for nuts and saddles,so unless it has durability issues from breaking with...
  8. Tommy-D

    Trash in my super glue finish

    I use the basic white Viva towels for everything. However,too much glue on one of those will smoke and give you a reaction you might not like. Eye protection,gloves,and respirator/mask/ventilation are equally important. Someone on the FB cuemaking/repair group suggested leaving your finishing...
  9. Tommy-D

    Who was all in on the infamous dumping at Challenge of Champions 1991?

    Does anyone have copies of all the matches? There is a shot by Buddy before he plays Lebron where he executes the "circular draw",but have only seen it once or twice. Tommy D.
  10. Tommy-D

    Shaft Wax ( Discussing methods of shaft maintenace )

    That stuff is the best I've ever used too. Tommy D.
  11. Tommy-D

    Mystery Cue?? Maybe

    That sounds suspiciously like a porn reference LOL. I'm not sure if I ever heard of the guy's last name,but the Jessie I mean was a huge cuemaker in the Phillipines back in the day. The one I saw when he won the U.S. Open had big rings and a stainless butt cap,and by that point looked like it...
  12. Tommy-D

    Mystery Cue?? Maybe

    Just looking at the ringwork it looks like was influenced by one of Efren's early Jessie cues. Tommy D.
  13. Tommy-D

    QCTP Quick Change Tool Post size for taig based lathes (hightower & midamerica)?

    I haven't had any experience using a steel toolpost on a Taig carriage yet. Is the weight not an issue? I have an old A2Z that I use on my Hightower occasionally that does the job,but also fits my Enco with just a bolt swap,but planning on getting an 0XA for the Enco to add knurling capability...
  14. Tommy-D

    Harvey Martin Materials?

    I'm not exactly an expert,but every picture I've ever seen of his cues had a ivory joint and probably the butt cap too. Tommy D.
  15. Tommy-D

    Sewing machine motor

    Good stuff there bud,truly appreciate it (y):cool:. Any input on a foot controller? Tommy D.
  16. Tommy-D

    Sewing machine motor

    I have bought 2 of these motors myself,and the one I chose both times was this one. Both of them were packaged well,and arrived on time,one with this COVID crap going on,and it...
  17. Tommy-D

    My new Southwest Cue: Delivered Jan 13, 2021

    Just out of curiosity,did you specify which taper they used for your shafts? Always heard they offer 4 choices,and if you don't make the decision,that what shows up is a profile that grows 1mm in the first 20 inches if you choose 13mm diameter. For some people,that is too thick in the middle,and...
  18. Tommy-D

    Recent Meucci original buy , assist?

    They certainly sold a LOT of 2nds back in the day. For a long time,they used to mark them by putting a shallow,very narrow groove in the butt sleeve by touching off with a parting tool. Tommy D.
  19. Tommy-D

    Radial live threading

    The one I measured in machine shop school was 7.637 TPI. The math says the pitch is .1309,so a single point cutter needs to be that same width with a full half-ball radius to cut right if you have CNC capability. But that is based on trying to externally thread something with a v-shape too...