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  1. ChopStick

    A momentous day on AZB history.

    A monument to having to much time on your hands and a reminder that it is never too late to start wasting your life. :D
  2. ChopStick

    Here's a bank shot for ya.

  3. ChopStick

    Meanwhile in China
  4. ChopStick

    How rude is this?

    Passed by an empty table in the pool hall and saw this. Somebody just left it this way. WTF is wrong with you people?
  5. ChopStick

    Interesting proposition shot

    The cueball in on the head spot. The 10 and 11 ball are straight in line on the head string with a tiny gap about the width of a piece of paper between them and the cueball. The shot is to make the one ball without touching the 10 or 11 balls. Hint: The shot is straight ahead with a level...
  6. ChopStick

    One more practice day trashed.

    I know this has been discussed before. I think that it must be brought to forum again in the hopes that someone may read this who is not aware how rude and inconsiderate they are being. I go to the pool hall at the times when it is most likely that no one is in there. As far away from the...
  7. ChopStick

    Zidane trick shot

    I guess this has been around for a while. I just saw it and it is pretty cool. I am still not convinced it is real. I have watched it a few times and it is starting to look plausible. The first time you see it you will think it has to be rigged. Now I am not sure. It may be a...
  8. ChopStick

    No you won't.......

    Down at the pool hall where I regularly practice there are a couple of very nice, attractive and dedicated women players. Both of them play the guys one pocket and put forward a decent entry level game. Nevertheless they both practice hard and play their best. I respect that. Last night...
  9. ChopStick

    Cue import tax?? What is this?

    I recently bought a Mezz Carom Cue from Kozoom. It was shipped to me from France. I received the cue last week. Now I get an email from this outfit IBC Customs Brokerage, Inc. demanding "payment of duties and taxes" regarding my recent import of "billiards accessories". Anyone ever...
  10. ChopStick

    Bought my first 3C cue last weekend.

    Ordered it from Kozoom. It has to come from Europe and should be here in about a week, I guess. It is a Mezz 13RJ. I could not find one in America. Based on the Mezz reputation, it should be a solid player. I am just a beginner at billiards. I finally got around to unleashing my inner...
  11. ChopStick

    Fitting blank/partial shafts

    I bought a blank OB Classic shaft and sent it to the guy who made my cue to have it finished out to match my cue. I get the shaft and the cue wobbles when I roll it on the table. The tip flops around. It isn't drilled straight or it isn't faced off correctly. Is this normal for a...
  12. ChopStick

    Caption this.

    Earl is in da house. :D