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  1. metallicane

    How is Mike Sigel NOT in Straight Pool Hall of Fame?

    I just saw who was in and for Sigel not to be in is a crime and seriously diminishes the veracity of the HoF.
  2. metallicane

    Straight Pool Hall of Fame

    For this to be a legitimate HoF, how is Mike Sigel not in the Hall of Fame?? Seriously.
  3. metallicane

    What kind of cue

    Does Alex P use?
  4. metallicane

    University of Miami poolroom

    This is an off the wall question, but when I was in school there, there was a guy named Bert that was by far the best player on campus. Any chance he posts here? Or does anyone know him? I remember he had a really sweet Huebler cue. Thanks
  5. metallicane

    Sigel vs Strickland

    I heard there was going to be a match up between these two guys involving a variety of different formats. Is this going to happen? If so, where can the general public see it?
  6. metallicane

    Looking for bumprless Hoppe cue

    Looking for a bumperless Hoppe style cue. Please PM me anything you have. I prefer a big pin. Thanks
  7. metallicane

    brackets for 2016?

    Are they posted anywhere?
  8. metallicane

    Darts vs Pool

    I love to play both. I watched the finals of the PDC Championship between Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright. It was an enjoyable match and the crowd was HUGE and LOUD. The players certainly did not mind. And the crowd certainly could not see the board and watched on the big screens. What...
  9. metallicane

    Balls at the SBE

    I watched the first round yesterday and the balls used during the pro event were all getting big, black smudges on them. Why weren't they cleaning them was my first thought and what was the cause was my second? I have been to this tournament every year and this was the first time I have noticed...
  10. metallicane


    What would the cost be to convert the Sigel/Rempe straight pool match to DVD where Sigel runs 150 and out AND have Sigel do a Player Review? The match has no commentary and is only on DVD. Do you think there is any interest in something like this?
  11. metallicane

    Kenny Murrell

    Does he have a website? I googled his name and couldn't find one.
  12. metallicane

    Crack in slate

    I was cleaning my table with a wet towel and noticed a darker line toward the middle of the table by the side pocket. I have been noticing some odd rolls periodically as well. I felt the table and it feels like a crack. How do you fix that? Thanks
  13. metallicane

    Looking for bumperless cue.

    Please send pics of any for sale. Hoppe style preferred, but not required. Thanks
  14. metallicane

    Why would someone send you a PM

    And then not allow them in return? If you want to purchase a cue, there is no way to contact. Seems bizarre.
  15. metallicane

    Repairing small tear in Simonis

    Is there a way to repair small tears in Simonis cloth?
  16. metallicane

    good, quick cue repair in Baltimore

    Does anyone know where I can get a tip put on in a hurry in Baltimore? Thanks.
  17. metallicane

    And one of my cases c/o JB Cases

    Ostrich skin, butterfly style. Has the Metallica logo and the Miami "U" on it.
  18. metallicane

    My start up collection

    Here are my cues for the time being.
  19. metallicane

    Good scale for weighing cues

    Where can I pick up a good scale for weighing cues? Thanks.
  20. metallicane

    Rack holder on table

    I have a Kim Steel table and have had to take it down and put it back up a few times over teh years and teh rack holder by the foot of the table cracked. One of the holes where the screws went in to hold it in place cracked. Anyone know where I can get a replacement? I am in Baltimore.