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  1. al-capool

    Roy Lee Cues?

    Sorry, posted same thread twice Sorry, posted same thread twice!
  2. al-capool

    Roy Lee Cues?

    Does anyone has a Roy Lee Cue or at least played with one of his cues? I would like to know if these cues are good players too? I discovered this chinese cuemaker on Facebook and some of his showed cues are looking really dam good! The fine inlay- and ringworks are intrigating. Cuebutts and...
  3. al-capool

    YOUR highest run outs or other records at Pool?

    What are YOUR highest *run outs in a row, *best series or other *records at Pool? (* = By playing somebody during a tournament, at gambling or on a friendly match? Not alone, during the training!) My highest runs are: (All played on 9 feet tables, except Snooker = 12") 8-Ball: 4 Racks in a...
  4. al-capool

    Is this really a Bob Runde 1 of 1 Custom Schon?

    COULD THIS REALLY BE A BOB RUNDE 1 OF 1 CUSTOM SCHON CUE? OR WAS IT MADE LATER THAN 1992? Oronzo, a friend of mine, wants to buy from another Pool player his old Schon Cue. The Pool player says that his Cue is over 20 years old and it's a 1 of 1 Custom Schon…!? I told Oronzo if this Schon is...
  5. al-capool

    Thomas Wayne = Banned?

    A few minutes ago, I saw that below Thomas Wayne's name is mentioned Banned! So I really would like to know, if he's really banned from AZB and if yes WHY? Or is he using the word Banned only as he's Custom User title?
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    Maple shafts dryed by age VS dryed by heat?

    Maple shafts: dried by age VS dried by heat Dear Cuemakers, Why do many of you still prefer to let maple shafts becoming dry, by stocking them many years? Instead to work with heat (warm air) or other techniques which are faster? Does the maple wood can still change, move, or work; for ex. the...
  7. al-capool

    Why has a Snooker cue such a long shaft in relation to the entire cue?

    Why has a Snooker cue such a long shaft in relation to the butt section? ? Why has a Snooker cue such a long a shaft in relation to the butt section? (Almost 2:1) While a Pool Cue shaft "usually" as long is as the butt section! (1:1 / 29" + 29")
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    Racking the balls like pins at Bowling?

    Like at bowling, a kind of machine coming from above, that racks the balls and puts them frozen together! Wouldn't that be very cool? Does something like that already exists?
  9. al-capool

    What's the meaning of 314 and Z?

    Does somebody of you really knows, why Predator choose the number 314 and the letter Z for their shafts? Does the 314 and the Z are meaning anything or standing for something? WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH ABOUT THAT?
  10. al-capool

    Playing Pool virtually?!

    WARNING: Playing virtual 8 Ball Pool can be adictive! 8 Ball Pool (by MINICLIP) H E L P, this dam... virtual 8 Ball Pool game is getting pretty adictive! I'm playing Pool (in real) now for well over 3 decades! So when a friend of mine told me to download that 8 Ball Pool (by MINICLIP) on my...
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    How much would you pay for your PERFECT Cue?

    1. If you had more than enough money, how much would you be ready to spend for a Cue, which would be in everyway perfect for YOU? Less than 2'000 $ 2'000 - 3'000 $ 3'000 - 4'000 $ 4'000 - 5'000 $ More than 5'000 $ Even more than 10'000 $ 2. Who would you like to make or made that cue? 3...
  12. al-capool

    My shaft collar and joint section collar don't match up!

    On my Schon Unique the diameter of the Schon IV Shaft Collar isn’t equal to the joint section's collar! When you screw up the cue together, you can easily feel the difference by sliding with your finger over the joint section! The diameter of the shaft collar is over a half millimetre thinner...
  13. al-capool

    Cue extensions for schon's?

    Who knows a matching Cue Extension for my Schon? Which you can screw fast at the rubber, nevertheless holds tight enough! Not the Cue Extensions you have to pull over the butt plate, or those you have to screw between the shaft and the butt! Something like the *FURY-Extension, which is screwed...
  14. al-capool

    Show us the Polo-Shirts or T-Shirts of your Poolbilliard Club

    This is the very simple official Polo-Shirt of our Pool & Snookerclub Biel (Switzerland). As you can see, we have it in a light blue or light grey version. I'm very sure that many of the Poolbilliard Clubs in the U.S.A. or other where have much nicer Club Polo-Shirts or T-Shirts! PLEASE SHOW...
  15. al-capool

    How much cost 1 hour of Pool in your State or Nation?

    How much cost 1 hour of Pool in your State/ Nation / City? What is the normal price for 1 hour of Pool in your State / Nation / City? In our Poolhall (Biel in Switzerland) if you're not a member you pay 18 $ (=18 Swiss Francs) for 1 hour of Poolbilliard! Btw 16 - 20 $ is the average price for...
  16. al-capool

    Al Capool's blind shaft test: Make it, it's worth!

    Al Capool's blind shaft test! Will you feel the difference/s? To make this test possible, following things are necessary: 1st You need a daily player or at least a cue, which you're using use very often. 2nd That cue should have 2 - 3 *different shafts, with the same taper and tip diameter, or...
  17. al-capool

    Is the playing difference between 314-2 and 314 -3 so big and really 100$ more worth?

    Is the playing difference between the 314-2 shaft and the new 314 -3 so big and really 100$ more worth?! Hi guys, even at Seyberts you will pay around 300$ (or more) for that shaft! So please let me know what justifies such a price difference! But please don't let me read the High Tech...
  18. al-capool

    Famous World Champions and Pool Legends of the 80's: Who's still playing?

    What happen to all these famous Former World Champions and other Pool Legends of the 80's? I really would like to know, who from the following Former World Champions and other living Pool Legends of the 80's are still playing as Professionals or at least in big tournaments in the U.S.A. or...
  19. al-capool

    What about a transparent cue ball, as a help to teach beginners, how to aim right?

    To all of you who are already giving or gave some pool lessons to beginners: When it comes to the theme of aiming right, there are some persons who misinterpreting and some even misunderstanding the 2 most common ways of explaining and showing, how to aim right! - The "invisible" cueball right...
  20. al-capool

    What are you doing when suddenly your deep concentration gets interrupted?

    How can I get back that deep concentration, when it suddenly gets interrupted? Dear Instructors and/or Pros I'm playing Pool since 1982. At this time period I'm playing in the Swiss National League, category Seniors (40+) I can honestly pretend that most of time, I'm playing quite good. Some...