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  1. md5key

    Beautiful Scott Gracio For Sale

    This is an incredible cue by Scott Gracio. 4 points, 4 veneers per point, ivory joint, ivory stitch rings, and ivory inlays (which are bordered by ebony). Points and butt sleeve are rosewood with a curly maple forearm, and a leather wrap. Cue comes with 2 matching shafts with layered tips. This...
  2. md5key

    Carolina Classics Sneaky

    I had this cue listed a couple months ago, and it sold. Unfortunately during shipment one of the shafts warped and when it was received the buyer wasn't happy. So I refunded his money and he sent the cue back. I'm re-listing it now without the extra shaft - you will get ONE shaft, not TWO like...
  3. md5key

    Carolina Custom Bacote Sneaky - 2 Shafts

    I've had this for around 2 years, but have not played with it much. I use a different sneaky for almost all of my play. Specs: - 2 shafts, both 13mm, both with layered tips - Weight around 19 oz, includes a weight bolt I would like to get $275 for it, and that includes shipping via UPS...
  4. md5key

    Mike Stacey - 4 Point Amboyna Ivory Hoppe

    Another one for sale so I can get more car stuff. This will be the last one (hopefully!!). This is a Mike Stacey that I received a couple months ago. It has an ivory joint, ivory hoppe ring, two shafts with ivory ferrules, and a black lizard wrap. Butt sleeve is Amboyna, points are amboyna...
  5. md5key

    Chad Carter cue - Wrapless Amboyna, Ivory Joint, Ivory Ferrules

    I got this a few months ago and need to sell it due to some things coming up with my car. I'll have another cue for sale as well but don't have pics of it at the moment (it is not a Carter). This cue is a 3 segment amboyna wrapless with 4 points sourrounded by double black/dark red/natural...
  6. md5key

    My small collection.

    Here they are - 3 leather wraps, 3 wrapless, lots of ambyona and ivory. All have two shafts except for the Sly sneaky, all the non-sneakies have ivory joints and ivory ferrules except for the Gracio - it has an ivory joint but not ivory ferrules. The one with no markings (and ivory...
  7. md5key

    New Chad Carter - Segmented Amboyna

    Just got this in today - looks great and Chad was great to work with through the building process. Thanks Chad! 2 13mm shafts, ivory ferrules, ivory joint, ivory butt cap, segmented amboyna handle, amboyna windows in the butt, 4 ebony points with double black, maroon, and natural veneers.
  8. md5key

    Brand new Tiger TP02 (stacked wrap)

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    Biotech wood

    Thought some of you would find this interesting:
  11. md5key

    Bob Danielson Review

    This cue is one that Bob traded me in exchange for me designing/programming him a custom website. Let me start off by saying that before this deal started, I had never heard the name Bob Danielson in my life - and could only find one mention of his name here on AZ. So when he contact me to do a...
  12. md5key

    Ebony, Ivory, and Amboyna by Bob Danielson

    Just got this cue today from Bob Danielson. The cue is fantastic in person. His execution is very very clean, and the cue is EXACTLY what I wanted it to be. The figure in the amboyna is nuts, and the ebony is jet black. All white is ivory - points, butt cap, windows, ferrules, and joint. I am...
  13. md5key

    Progressive Cue Ball Control Drill?

    Does anyone have any ideas on a progressive cue ball control drill? My cue ball control is severely lacking. My ball making gets me out of this a lot of times, but that only helps for so long. For instance, in 14.1, my high run is 33 but that's with a couple outrageous shots that should have...
  14. md5key

    Rodeo Cue - Scrimshaw

    It just hit me that I don't ever remember posting this. It's a really good looking cue from Bob Danielson, one of his "Rodeo Cue" series: His site:
  15. md5key

    From a dream to reality - my Bob Danielson cue

    Around the first of this year Bob Danielson contacted me to get a website made in exchange for a custom cue. I had this cue I had designed on my computer, and sent it to him to see if he could build it. He said it wouldn't be a problem. So we decided to go ahead with the trade - I would build...
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    WTB: Third Edition of the Blue Book

    Anyone have one they want to let go? Amazon has it for $26 with free shipping so I'm going to need to spend less than that ;)
  18. md5key

    Notched diamonds into Amboyna?

    Does anyone have any pics of this? I'm looking at getting a cue with this combo, but am nervous that since amboyna is such a light wood, the filler around the inlays will show up too much and make the inlays messy looking. So I'm looking for some pictures to put my mind at ease. Thanks, Zach
  19. md5key

    Any pool halls near Houghton Lake, MI?

    Going on a fishing trip there soon and will be staying for a week. Are there any good places to shoot up there? Looked on Google and didn't find much. Thanks, Zach
  20. md5key

    Like new Cue Smith Inlay Machine

    I'm posting this for Dan DiCola, please send any questions/comments to him: As new Cue Smith Inlay Machine. Everything included along with many carbide bits and an extensive set of stylus' that I made. Used twice before the old Bridgeport was converted to a 4 axis CNC. $1,250 plus shipping...