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  1. 9ballrun

    trying to find inlays

    I am having a custom cue made and trying to find some cross inlays in either silver or mother of pearl. I have seen very few, any help on websites that have a good variety to look at? Thanks
  2. 9ballrun

    Does the joint make that much of a difference?

    Joint Code Butt Material Shaft Material Type of Hit A High-Impact Implex Resin High-Impact Implex Resin Soft B Stainless Steel High-Impact Implex Resin Firm C Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Hard D Maple Maple Soft, Hustler Style that is from viking's website, dont know if it...
  3. 9ballrun

    wtb cues under 300.00

    last week i had all of my cues stolen.... I wasnt planning on having to buy another one for a while but now it looks like I'm going to have too. 300.00 is really all I can afford to spend at the moment. I was playing with a Joss, and a Viking both with ob shafts on them. If anyone has...
  4. 9ballrun

    Stolen Cues

    stolen in tallahassee fl [/ATTACH]I just had my whole case and cues stolen thursday night...... 1 joss jos01, 1 viking g27, players 3piece jump break, predator air, ob1 shaft, ob2 shaft
  5. 9ballrun

    shaft blanks fs

    I was just wondering through ebay and saw these. I dont know much about the building aspect but just thought I would put it out there for those interested...
  6. 9ballrun

    White diamond glue

    I have recently switched over to a wd tip for breaking. I really do like it, when it stays on:rolleyes: Any advice on what type of glue works best on these. I have had two repair guys put it on for me not to last but a couple of nights. The last time I put it on myself (I had never tried to...
  7. 9ballrun

    wtb g-11 tip

    looking to buy a g-11 tip to try out on my jump break? Does anyone have some for sale? or White diamond, I would like to try either one of these. Thanks
  8. 9ballrun

    v bookie

    why is there no v bookie for the shane earl match?
  9. 9ballrun


    test do not open
  10. 9ballrun

    action challange

    Does anybody know anything about the action challange? I thought it went on sale tonight. Thanks
  11. 9ballrun

    ulrich and walden about to play

    Just kidding
  12. 9ballrun

    I love goats

    O.K. ya'll are starting to freak me out
  13. 9ballrun

    tony vs louis

    I am stuck at work but would love to hear what will happen. can anyony give updates while it goes on? Thanks
  14. 9ballrun

    needing help to finish

    Hey Louis, you have given good advise before and hoped that you would again. The issue that I'm having is not being able to finish strong. I will be in a race to nine and be up like 7-2 and the next thing I know I can't run but two or three balls and then it 7-6. Normally then I can find it...
  15. 9ballrun

    phenolic tips

    I just wanted to hear your opinions on phenolic tips on your break stick. I have been thinking about having one put on mine to get more speed from the cb but it looks like you don't have as much control of it. I would like to hear from ya'll and what you use.
  16. 9ballrun

    New shaft

    I just got my OB1 shaft and played all weekend, it is awesome. I can not say enough about it. It has defiantly improved my game and shape is no longer an issue. For any of you out there who have not tried one I would suggest that you give it a try.
  17. 9ballrun

    Avatar for Jay Helfert

    [IMG]:eek:Just my thoughts on the matter
  18. 9ballrun

    US amateurs

    Just wanted to post an fyi for anyone interested. In Tallahassee we had the US Amateur today, when I left Steve Warman had won on one board, and Andy Stewart was in the finals on the other board. I think that Andy was up5-4. On a personal note Shannon Porter was playing after breaking his leg...
  19. 9ballrun

    changing weights

    I have a Joss that I shot with and wanted to reduce the weight of it. I know that I can change the weight bolt but was concerned that it would change the balance of it. I have never experimented with this before so all feedback would be appreciated. Thanks