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  1. BuzzSwiss

    Diamond Pro-Am or Rasson Victory II

    Hi ladies and gents, If you had a choice between a brand new 9ft Diamond Pro-Am and a brand new Rasson Victory II, which one would you choose and why? If you've never played on both tables, please stay silent :) Rack those balls
  2. BuzzSwiss

    Wanted: Mezz EC7-W6 or Exceed EXC-Sk0601EWABr

    I'm looking for a Mezz EC7-W6 with WX700 shaft or an Exceed-Sk0601EWABr with EX Pro shaft If anyone is willing to sell one of this cue, just pm me.
  3. BuzzSwiss

    Wanted: Mezz EC7-W6 or Exceed EXC-Sk0601EWABr

    Double post, sorry. Can you delete this one. Thanks.
  4. BuzzSwiss

    WTB: Exceed cue

    Hello, I'm looking for this cue. One exceed dealer in Germany told me between 15 and 18 months for a brand new, so I'm looking if I can get a second hand. Yann
  5. BuzzSwiss

    Predator 314-2 shaft

    My playing cue is a Jobo custom cue, made in The Philippines. 2 months ago I bought a partial 314-2 shaft and had my cue maker fix it on my butt. I was pretty happy how the shaft play and with the feeling, but after 2 months, in the final of a 9 ball tournament, I must do a long and powerful...