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  1. Slow Eddie

    Know a Mechanic in VT?

    Trying to move my neighbor's 7' AMF Playmaster table into my basement. Problem is, it's got a 1-piece slate and the local retailer/table repair place won't touch it for liability reasons. Anyone know anyone who can help out? Thanks in advance.
  2. Slow Eddie

    Time to replace the tip?

    Just picked up a McDermott M11B to use as a bar cue. Looking at the tip, it looks tall. Really tall; that's an inch-long ferrule it's sitting on in the first pic. And kinda spongy. Like I can actually compress it down a couple of mm if I push hard enough, and then it'll spring back to its...
  3. Slow Eddie

    Freeie... Freeie.. AZBILLIARDS Patch

    Just got mine! It's giving me inspiration as I plan out a couple joint protector orders. My everyday case is a black JB Basic Rugged 2x5/3x4; I think the patch would look swell on it. But then again...league shirt...pocket marker...trucker hat...lots of possibilities Thanks for the patch! E
  4. Slow Eddie

    Free iPhone/iPad pool app today

    No idea if it's any good, but it's free: There's a version for iPad too. Dunno how long it's free for, so get it while the gettin's good. PS - no affiliation with developer, Apple, etc.
  5. Slow Eddie

    Saying good bye to an old friend...VALOR

    So sorry, man. I dread the day Bodhi and Barkley won't be there to welcome me home.
  6. Slow Eddie

    Pay me to give you the shaft.

    Custom jump/break shaft, 5/16 x 18, one-piece tip/ferrule. Players PHX-18BC LD shaft, flat 5/16 x 18, HXT ferrule, Kamui Black Soft tip. Auctions end Sunday night. Thanks for looking, and happy bidding!
  7. Slow Eddie

    Where to play in Burlington, MA?

    Going to be there tomorrow night for a work meeting; thinking about bringing a cue and dragging a coworker out for a few racks and a few beers. Any reccos? Thanks in advance. E
  8. Slow Eddie

    Now that's an expensive cue.

    60K for a cue on eBay. According to the listing, "... and at a mediation, they final granted Bender Cue the permission to keep the two other cues (#1 of 3 and #3 of 3) and never a cue of this nature and name ever to be used." I'm no legal eagle, but dosen't that mean this thing shouldn't even...
  9. Slow Eddie

    Cues for sale on the 'bay

    Not a lot of places in my area to try out custom and nicer production cues, so I did what many of us have done: taken to the Internet to find worthy acquisitions. Some work out, some do not. Those that do not, in my case, end up here. Thanks for looking, and happy bidding!
  10. Slow Eddie

    Nine on the snap For real? (Sorry if this is a repost)
  11. Slow Eddie

    Jaw-dropping epiphanies, courtesy of AZB

    1.) Shaft Cleaning? Magic Eraser + Denatured Alcohol. 2.) Shaft Sealing? Cue Silk = Biosilk. 3.) Stuck Joint? Jar Openers. Without this advice, I would be driving to and from the pool hall holding my grabby, blue-shafted cue out the window, or spending way too much on maintenance supplies...
  12. Slow Eddie

    Wanted: Latch for Fellini Case

    Just came into the Fellini 1x2 that rodcar had for sale (in case you want to see pics). I am going to take it to a local leatherwork shop to see if the felt can be replaced; rodger mentioned that Fellini latches or something similar might be floating around. How about it? Anybody got a spare...