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    Gabriels 9 ft pool table for sale

    I'll take it, still have????? 574-259-5425 Brian
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    joshua filler

    Now this guy is strange. He looks to his people in crowd for insight and then when he finally catches up with Pin Yi-KO on a slop shot and a lucky safe , he's obviously not containing his professional composure. Wipes his nose a lot? He's a very annoying little girl. Cant stand to watch him...
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    Top ranked players/ matches outcome

    Its hard to watch Moron's playing guys like Van B and Jayson. The top players only win sets because the boys that play them make really bad decisions and bad safes, one ever said their smart pool players or even know what a chess game is...but the sport isn't the Olympics and it doesn't...
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    Revo technology

    Well, new , new , another new shaft. Really? I took a 1960's black graphite shaft from a $5.00 cue , foam filled it as I did 30 years ago while being in the plastics business as a consultant ; added my joint and ferrule....played great...actually toooo great for what it was!!! Couple guys at...
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    2014 Mika Im Vs. D. Orcollo

    Wow , was Mika really blaming chalk on the table for his loss....come-on , Orcollo was shooting great. Just didnt look right afterwards ...chalk really. Composure would have been nice......but everyone has been on that edge. Swanee 18 , Pov Pool you tube , @ Hard Times 2014.
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    Lannoo linear lathe

    The new LANNOO LINEAR LATHE is the newest innovative cue builders lathe available. Priced well below comparable units , but has more built-in features. Power feed, perfect center point tapering with pivoting headstock.Tighter tolerances with quality robotic linear track travel. DC motors custom...
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    custom prototype cue lathe

    We have our first prototype cue lathe for sale 1500.00. Dual head, power feed, longer bed. Tapers, 110volt, lightweight, no dust in a gear track. Our final version will be ready to market later this year. Pick up in Elkhart, In. Lannoo Products
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    11 Connelly's 7-8-9 snooker for sale

    I have 3-7',5-8',2-9' and 1-10' snooker Connelly for sale, along with all room accesories, chairs, lights, balls, cues. 16500.00 package deal, Elkhart, In. Sedona models. used.