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  1. Smoothrobinva

    Dave Bollman

    Looking for Dave Bollman sneaky Pete !!! I am looking to buy it as a gift for my friend !! He had one years ago and hated now that it’s gone. He was a friend of Dave’s as well as a student of his !! Leave me a message if you have a line in one please
  2. Smoothrobinva

    Sports on TV

    You ever see the movie idiocracy??? It’s all coming true
  3. Smoothrobinva

    Lassiter Final Match

    Awesome !!! Allen Hopkins once told me nice shot !!! Thank you for your stories and coming back to the game
  4. Smoothrobinva

    Rafael Martinez.....??

    Jam I was at that tournament sorry I’m just reading old threads
  5. Smoothrobinva

    Sold 2016 Purpleheart Southwest

    I have a predator special edition jacoby and a predator full splice I can trade you both plus some cash
  6. Smoothrobinva

    Sold Tascarellas

    Sorry I bargained go buy a TS while I was waiting
  7. Smoothrobinva

    Sold Tascarellas

    2200 for the lizard wrap cue
  8. Smoothrobinva


    Is the cue still forsale
  9. Smoothrobinva

    Ebony Bluegrass

    Hey boss is the cue still available if so 1(540)8608220
  10. Smoothrobinva


    Hello text me 1(540)860-8220 and I’ll buy the cue
  11. Smoothrobinva

    Bob Frey Titlist

    Is this cue still available
  12. Smoothrobinva

    Bob Frey Titlist

    Text me 1(540)8608220 if still available
  13. Smoothrobinva

    Sold Southwest satin

    Hey boss hit me up I’ll go $2500
  14. Smoothrobinva

    Minnesota contingent does well in Virginia

    Watched most of there matches on Saturday !!! Great play
  15. Smoothrobinva


    It’s says friends and family because all family ain’t frinemds
  16. Smoothrobinva

    Improving veteran players games

    Pro one
  17. Smoothrobinva

    I got $1,500 so tell me........

    Chris Nitti end of story
  18. Smoothrobinva

    Jeanette Lee

    So sorry to here. Hope it turns into a feel good story of victory over such a bad disease