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    FS: Deluxe Cue Smith / Accessories / Woods

    I got a tip that I should also list this lathe in this part of the forum. I'll just leave a link to where it's currently listed. Thanks, Jason. And here's the ebay auction with all the pics...
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    Deluxe Cue Smith Lathe and Accessories AND woods

    FYI: I've decided to part with my stuff...
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    Brunswick 8' Table - Fair Condition - $350

    Good playin' table...I've used it for years. Three piece slate and very, very's been awhile since I put it together so I can't recall how thick the slate is...but I vividly remember having to back up the truck to slide each piece onto the frame. :grin-square: Wouldn't hurt to...
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    FS: Marblewood and Curly Maple Cue w/ Ipe Ferrule

    Howdy, Got another one completed. Please check it out. Regards, Jason.
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    My Eighth cue - Work in Progress

    Had to share...gotten so much help from this site. Thanks for looking! Bocote core, Curly Maple forearm and butt, Marblewood handle and rings. I don't know if the slideshow will automatically load or not...
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    FS - Pecan / Maple / Purpleheart / Phenolic Tip Break Cue - $175

    Howdy, All the sordid details can be found at the link below. There's also two youtube videos of the cue in action...links are in the description area of the auction. I cut the shaft too...
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    WTB - Phenolic ferrule/tip

    Howdy, I just got great reviews on the break cue I built for demo in Raleigh. The only suggestion was to outfit it with a phenolic tip. I remember seeing somewhere a tip and ferrule one piece assembly, but can't remember where I saw them. Does anyone have a few they'd be willing to sell...
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    Cutter to Use on Deluxe Lathe

    Howdy guys, I've been trying to cut purpleheart shafts on my HT Deluxe. The cutters I've tried all "grab" the shaft in the middle of the pass, cause vibration, and then either push the piece so hard it bounces back and the cutter digs almost all the way through it or cuts inconsistently and...
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    FS - 0.308 Reamers - HSS

    I ordered a few reamers too many in order to get a good price...trying to recoup from the ones I don't need. Here's what they are: .308 high speed steel (HSS) straight shank, straight flute chucking reamer, right hand cut. Made in Germany. They're brand new. Looking to get SOLD shipped to...
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    Serial #00001 - First attempt at a cue.

    I've taken in a lot of information from this site and wanted to share the progress I'm making with my first cue. Other than a snafu with the ring orientation, I'm pretty happy with its construction, so far. :embarrassed2:
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    Hightower Basic Cue Building Tape For Sale on Ebay

    ...For anyone interested:
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    Hightower Basic Cue Building Tape For Sale on Ebay

    Just a head's up to anyone looking...
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    Ipe Ferrule

    Has anyone tried using ipe for ferrules? Seems like it would be interesting to try it out. My worry is that epoxy may not permanently fasten it: My carpenter buddy told me a about a ipe handrail return that fell apart after being epoxied. :eek: The ferrule would be threaded on. Any...
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    Lathe on Ebay

    Any thoughts on whether this is a good deal or not? Says it needs a motor and control. Thanks, Jason.