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  1. CocoboloCowboy

    Damn Hurricane Ian!

    You get medal for being third rate cretin, 🥉.
  2. CocoboloCowboy

    Damn Hurricane Ian!

    I know climate changes, if you live in Hawaii you can not cry when it rains, as it is every day occurence. Hate rain live in Death Valley.🤯
  3. CocoboloCowboy

    Olhausen tables, used in any tournaments these days?

    We had 4 Olhsusen tables were I live for five year. They were flat, had good cloth, were level, no problem. Company has not kept throwing money to tournaments, for Table placement at events.
  4. CocoboloCowboy

    Damn Hurricane Ian!

    The MSM, and Environmentalist Wacko work hard selling Snake Oil, believe their lies, your a sucker.
  5. CocoboloCowboy

    Why 9 ball?

    This start in 2003.🤯. Game is fast, it was featured in Color of Money. Bars love the game, more 💵💵💵💵💵in bar tables.
  6. CocoboloCowboy

    Damn Hurricane Ian!

    Huricanes, tornados, earth quake happen often. MSM, and climate change wackos say it’s no so. Storms are cause by climate change. Reason we have 4 seasons is climate change.
  7. CocoboloCowboy

    Something new coming out of shop .

    Hope you post finished photos. Very nice.👍
  8. CocoboloCowboy

    Damn Hurricane Ian!

    Hurricanes are acts of God, the only thing we know for sure is every year has Hurricane season. Today was last official day of Monsoon Season, another act of God.
  9. CocoboloCowboy

    Dr. Dave on vacation in exotic place❓

    Miss another U -Tube from the Doctor, good medicine.
  10. CocoboloCowboy

    Long Cue Case

    JBCases can do it. Call JBCases.👍
  11. CocoboloCowboy

    New Intelligent Pool Table Lighting! LED< COMPUTER< WIFI< SCREENS<BLUETOOTH! THE FUTURE IS HERE!!!

    Go back under you Rick no one said shut up but you Mr. Stalker. Think you have problem still upset over Cue, you can figure out how to Chalk. Do you know how to play pool? Or just pretend too?
  12. CocoboloCowboy

    How long should my tips last?

    A Tip should last forever if it a Tip on Safe Queen Cue.🥳
  13. CocoboloCowboy

    Southwest cues - reasons for their popularity

    Someone recently sad Cue Butt is just Shaft n Tip holder, the Shaft n Tip are what is important.
  14. CocoboloCowboy

    New Intelligent Pool Table Lighting! LED< COMPUTER< WIFI< SCREENS<BLUETOOTH! THE FUTURE IS HERE!!!

    Let me be polite, I think you a Forum Troll, Stalker. Please go back under your rock, and be quiet. I also suspect your just a keyboard commando who don’t actually play pool.👎
  15. CocoboloCowboy

    Southwest cues - reasons for their popularity

    Opinions are like noses, everyone has one. Southwests are pricy, they are in demand, they bring good money on resale.
  16. CocoboloCowboy

    questions about video recording

    If you buying a Tripod don’t go cheap, cheap tripods wobble. Get a sturdy one you will get better results.
  17. CocoboloCowboy

    Dennis Orcollo vs SVB (Race to 75) 9 ball (22-24 Sep)

    Well man former Military retired there because pension checks were further. Thought surviving on Military Pension in USA.
  18. CocoboloCowboy

    Do you practice with cue that's not your player?

    Why would you practice with something you are not losing with all the time? Reason is your not serious about being best. As you are not controlling everything you can like your Cue.
  19. CocoboloCowboy

    Nothing like a

    Crimson Tide moment, like in movie.
  20. CocoboloCowboy

    Players from The Hustlers reality show - what are they doing now?

    I never knew this show was on tv, one season n done?