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  1. tinman467

    Classy Richard Black

    Very classy Richard Black. Cue weights are in the area of 19.5 oz with any shaft. Tips are roughly 12.8 - 12.9 mm on all 3 shafts. 2 original RB shafts...and 1 Predator Z314 Cue plays SUPERB. $2000 or b/o and I'll eat all the fees. NO TRADES PLEASE (716) 807- 4561
  2. tinman467

    side of tip

    What do you burnish the new side (of a newly installed tip) with ? Does anybody use that liquid stuff on the sides after an install ? How well does it work ? Thanks guys. :)
  3. tinman467


    What is the purpose of a "pad" underneath the tip ? I have seen it on both ivory ferrules...and on non ivory ferrules. I'm thinking its for a "cushioning" effect, but am also wondering about the wood to pad, pad to tip bond. Seems like a middle man that doesnt need to be there if tip to shaft...
  4. tinman467


    How old its Tim ? When did he first start making cues....and when did he actually retire ? Thanks.
  5. tinman467


    Weird how many times something has been sold...and others use the same pics. Makes me laugh. Cue sold yesterday on E-bay...and the raffle for it filled up the same
  6. tinman467


    What purpose does threading a ferrule important is it....and are there times when it doesn't need to be done ? Thanks.
  7. tinman467

    In need of Predator shaft

    Looking for a NEW..or almost new Predator 314-2 shaft. Radial pin. Would prefer silver ring. Thanks.
  8. tinman467

    Niiiiiiiiiiiice Capone

    Specs: (My scale) Shaft 1 = 3.6 oz Shaft 2 = 3.7 oz Butt = 15.5 oz Radial pin (hits like a train) Lizard Wrap Red/Black veneers All white is ivory Beautiful cue (anything odd you see is dust or reflection..I stink at taking pics) SOLD !!!!!Shipped and insured (buyer pays paypal fees)...
  9. tinman467

    What shaft ?

    I'm curious to know how many guys use an aftermarket shaft on their custom cues. I have a couple Richard Blacks, and a Capone that I have Predator shafts for. Thats all I play with. The original shafts (all with ivory ferruls) are put away. I just like the way the Predator plays. I recently...
  10. tinman467

    Sweet Capone

    Putting a feeler out. May trade my "test hit only" Capone. I may trade up or down...or may throw some money with the trade. Looking for a NICE scruggs. The Capone has 2 shafts...and the pics dont do the colors justice. The red really pops next to the ebony. All white is ivory. Black lizard...
  11. tinman467

    Kamui tips

    I have 4 Kamui tips. I'm not liking Anybody got some Snipers to trade ? :D
  12. tinman467

    Put em in order

    So I was thinking...I know there are alot of variables (so lets not get into that right now), but lets say you had 4 cues...all pretty much the same (price, weight, inlays). Put them in order for me as far as future value, all around playability (including hit), and general desire by players. No...
  13. tinman467


    Sirs....quick question: Are there different "angles" on the bottom of some types of rails ? A guy on our leauge bought new rails and was told they were a different angle on the bottom than what he needed. I have no specifics on his table, but I know its older (like from the 50's maybe ?). Ever...
  14. tinman467

    shaft collet

    Sirs...I was curious if you could tell me what you guys use to hold the shaft in the chuck without marring/dinging/denting it ? Is it something I can buy, or could I get the dimensions and have it made ? I'm trying to replace my own tips and or ferruls, and obviously dont wanna mark my shafts...
  15. tinman467

    Break Speed App

    Ok..I heard tons of great reviews on this app. I have the Droid X. Downloaded (paid) for the app...set it up to my table length...position ball where I'm gonna break from on the screen and table...(doing this in my basement bymyself with no noise around)... crack the rack and get 32.2 mph. Next...
  16. tinman467

    Need some info please

    Does anybody know anything (opinions) about the "AcCueShot" trainer ? Who sells it the cheapest ? I tried one at Valley Forge a few years ago, and it seemed to up my concentration...just wanted some reviews. Thanks. :wink:
  17. tinman467

    Need some info please

    Does anybody know anything (opinions) about the "AcCueShot" trainer ? Who sells it the cheapest ? I tried one at Valley Forge a few years ago, and it seemed to up my concentration...just wanted some reviews. Thanks. :wink:
  18. tinman467

    WTB..Kamui tips

    Who has the best price on Kamui med-soft tips ? Also, I need one of those tip sander/shaper tools (looks about 9" long, and is slightly rounded that you put sandpaper in). Thanks.
  19. tinman467

    initial tip shaping

    I just started replacing tips for a few of my friends. I have the nice willard tip machine. After its on, and cut to diameter, whats the best way to get it close to shape as possible so I can finish with the small shaper tool ? I have the willard tip shaper (dime and nickel)..but it takes...
  20. tinman467

    Quick question

    I've heard this term numerous times...and have heard several different explinations. Can anyone tell me what the true meaning of "playing the pro side of the pocket" means ?