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  1. champsic

    Keith Josey JB

    Keith Josey jump break fancy Cue is like new. No nicks,dents or scratches of any kind. Price is 1200 usd shipped and insured Paypal as gift . I can send live video of cue via whatsup... Trades only for Tascarella or Black Boar older series AS. I will ad cash for cue i like.!!! For faster...
  2. champsic

    Jim Murnak

    Here is Jim Murnak case Southwest style 3x6. 1000 usd shipped . For faster response and other pics and questions please contact via email
  3. champsic

    Josey Hunter Lomax Schuller

    See anything you like ? Josey jump break 1400 usd Wes Hunter player,3 shafts--- 2 original,one Mezz Ex pro with matching ring,extension 1800 usd Lomax jumper with i....y ring 400 usd Wes Hunter jump break brand new 1100 usd Ballabushka by Adams with Tascarella shaft and ringtail lizzard leather...
  4. champsic

    Josey jump break

    Fancy Keith Josey jump break for sale. Like new ,used very little. No nicks,dents or scratches of any kind.2 shafts,one never used. 1400 usd shipped paypal as gift or add 5 %. Trade only gor Tascarella or Black Boar AS series. I will add cash for right cue i like ! For faster response please...
  5. champsic

    Josey and Lomax

    Josey jump break fancy Lomax jumper Trade for Tascarella or Manzino. I will add cash for the right cue i like For faster response and additional pics please contact on email
  6. champsic

    Lomax break

    Lomax break with real lizzard handle. SOLD usd shipped !!! For faster response contact on e mail:
  7. champsic

    Wes Hunter

    Wes Hunter hickory burl and ebony 3 shafts 2 original shafts 13 mm Ex Pro Mezz shaft 12.75 Extension included ...not on picture 1900 usd shipped paypal as gift or add 5% Trades only for Tascarella or older Black Boar.I can add cash for right cue For faster response and additonal pics contact...
  8. champsic

    Ex Pro for Wes Hunter

    Here is MEZZ Ex Pro shaft for Wes Hunter cue. Shaft is new.Only test hitted. Zen medium tip 350 usd shipped PayPal as gift or add 5% Trades welcome for Josey or Gilbert break.I can add cash if i like right offer. For faster response contact on email
  9. champsic

    Wes Hunter shaft

    Mezz Ex pro shaft fitted for Wes Hunter cue. Matched ringwork and joint. Shaft is basicaly new. Only test hitt. Zen medium tip. 350 usd shipped.Paypal as gift or add 5%. Please contact on email for faster response
  10. champsic

    Mike Durbin

    Mike Durbin monster 2 shafts Real leather handle spanish bull For price and other questions please contact on email Cue is new,only test hit
  11. champsic

    Qb custom cue

    Here it is Qb custom cue... 2 Shafts Short ferrel and long ferrell,ferrels are old micarta ! REAL SILVER inlays REAL SILVER dots REAL LEATHER handle Joint is ivorine so it can be shipped overseas ! SOLD SOLD shipped Paypal as gift or add 5 % Trades not interested unless is Tascarella...i can...
  12. champsic

    QB custom cue

    Here is QB Custom cue Leather handle 2 shafts old micarta ferrels Short ferrel 12.75 Normal ferrel 12.85 REAL SILVER INLAYS AND DOTS !!! 1600 USD paypal as gift or add 5% Trades only for Tascarella with my money plus !
  13. champsic

    Lomax break

    Lomax break cue Brand new Elephant ear handle 1100 usd shipped SOLD !!!
  14. champsic

    Brunswick and Aramith

    2 sets of balls Brunswick Cennential 200 usd shipped Aramith 175 usd shipped
  15. champsic


    Lomax break cue SOLD !!!! In a few hours to a Florida gentleman. This one is made for Mosconi Cup Used by Brandon Shuff It has Shuff signature under the clearcoat on the ebony butt part Ebony and Lacewood Price 1000 usd shipped paypal as gift or add 5% I will consider trade only for Tascarella...
  16. champsic

    Tascarella Lomax Ballabushka

    Here are few cues and shafts for sale Tascarella with 3 shafts 4800 usd SOLD Lomax break made for Mosconi cup used by Brandon Shuff Ballabushka made by Adam with Mobley and Black Boar shafts I will sell separately Black Boar and Mobley shaft and one of Tascarellas shafts Contact on email please...
  17. champsic

    High end shafts

    Tascarella 13.00 mm new shaft 400 usd Black Boar 12.85 mm 400 usd Vollmer 13.00 mm 250 usd SOLD SOLD !!!! Mobley 12.75 mm 250 usd All shafts are 5/16 x 14 pin No trades, PayPal payment as gift or add 4 % For faster respond contact on email:
  18. champsic


    Few custom shafts for sale : 1. Randy Mobley 12.75 ---- 250 usd shipped 2. Michael Vollmer 12.90 ---- 220 usd shipped 3. Black Boar 12.80 ---- 500 usd shipped 4. Tascarella 13.00 ---- 400 usd shipped All shafts are 5/16x14 For all information and detailed...
  19. champsic

    Balabushka by Adams

    Balabushka by Adam with 2 shafts by Randy Mobley and Michael Vollmer Second cue from top.Black Boar is sold.Gilbert is sold also. Mobley shaft 12.75 Vollmer shaft 13.00 Real leather Ringtail lizzard upgrade 1100 usd shipped Separated sale possiblle : Butt only 750 usd Vollmer shaft 200 usd...
  20. champsic

    Shafts sale and Tasc iso

    3 shafts for sale Randy Mobley 12.75 ivory ferrel and ivory ring 250 USD Michael Vollmer 13.00 ivory ferrel sIlver ring 230 USD Black Boar 12.75 ivory ferrell silver ring 600 USD Also...looking for Tascarella cue appr.3000 usd value leather handle and 2 shafts Contact on email for faster...