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  1. Aristo

    Varney w/ Predator 314-2 shaft + break cue + JJ Case

    Varney sold! I also have a Eliminator break cue that i had made by one of the forum members here. Tip and ferrule is made of ivorine 4 with a red fiber pad in between. Purchased this cue from az member JayBates. "all mine that i make, i cut a tennon in them and drill a hole in the ferrule...
  2. Aristo

    FS : Audrick Cue

  3. Aristo

    WTB : Sneaky Pete w/ G-10 Pin

    Kind of a stretch but looking to purchase a sneaky pete with a G-10 pin. With either a Predator 314-2 shaft or OB-1 shaft. (but these two can be purchased seperately.) Mainly looking for a sneaky pete with G-10 pin, a tad bit below 19oz when matched together. Or could some one recommend me a...
  4. Aristo

    WTB: Cheap 2x4 Case

    Looking to purchase a cheap 2x4 case, leather or vinyl. 2x3 is okay too. In the Instroke "style" case, the ones with 1 smaller pocket and 1 bigger pocket in front and a flap on top. Not looking to spend too much, on a budget. Anyone have a used one for sale?
  5. Aristo

    WTB : Cue with OB-1 shaft

    Looking to purchase a custom cue with a ob-1 or ob-2 shaft matched to it. Not looking to spend a ridiculous amount of money, but please let me know what you have available
  6. Aristo

    Jacoby US Open Cue, 10 dollars a spot

    Selling my Jacoby cue. Cue comes with one LePro tipped, pro-tapered, 13mm shaft, it is 58" long. The cue is perfectly, completely STRAIGHT, both apart & assembled. The pin thread is 5/16-14, non-piloted (flat-faced) joint. The cue weighs 17.5 ounces. Cue has been chalked and test hit once, (pics...
  7. Aristo

    Instroke 2x3 Buffalo USED

    I have an instroke leather 2x3 case also up for sale. Its the buffalo series, already oiled. Rich in color. Missing one button on the handle as shown in pictures. Price : SOLD! MODS LOCK PLEASE
  8. Aristo


    ....................... Soldddddd
  9. Aristo

    FS : 1998 Jacoby US Open

    cue Is Soldddd!!
  10. Aristo

    Shaft wax / sealant

    Hi, I've been cleaning my shaft with the magic eraser + alcohol with amazing results. Although after I'm finished cleaning, the pores of the wood open up and within a week or two my shaft turns blue again. I was wondering if I applied sealant or some sort of wax, would it protect my shaft better...
  11. Aristo

    FS/FT: Jacoby '98 US Open Rare Signatures

    CUE IS NOW ON EBAY!! offers will be considered.
  12. Aristo

    FS : Eliminator Break Cue

    Like new Eliminator break cue, 19oz used for about 5 games. Cue has no dents or scratches, just a chalked tip. Tip and ferrule is made of ivorine 4 with a red fiber pad in between. Purchased this cue from az member JayBates. "all mine that i make, i cut a tennon in them and drill a hole in the...
  13. Aristo

    Jacoby '98 US Open

    Here is a Jacoby cue with 40+ Signatures of pool players, teachers, cue & case makers. Brand new :) Some pro players: Barry Berhman...J.R. Calvert...Liz Eldridge...Pat Fleming...Ed Hagan.....**BUDDY HALL (the 9-ball Champ that year!)**....Bob Henning...DAVID HODGES...TOMMY KENNEDY...Larry...
  14. Aristo

    Pool Table Outdoors?

    Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing a pool table, but I don't have enough space inside the house and the cars take up space in the garage. I have a patio type thing in the backyard and I'm thinking of setting up the pool table there. Is there anything I should watch out for that might damage the...
  15. Aristo

    FS : Cheap cue

    Cue is owned by a buddy of mine, don't know who the maker is. The cue weighs 20oz, has a 5/16-18 joint. Has a few minor nicks on the forearm, completely straight, and I believe is a 13mm shaft. Looking for SOLD
  16. Aristo

    WTB : Cheap black sneaky pete

    Looking for a cheap black sneaky pete. Butt only or complete, but preferably butt only. Needs to be 5/16-18 joint and 19oz total weight. Maybe a cheap players cue? Thanks in advance.
  17. Aristo

    wtb: 5/16-14, non-piloted (flat-faced) joint

    Looking for a 5/16-14, non-piloted (flat-faced) joint shaft to fit my jacoby cue. Something with a nice taper, preferably smaller than a 13mm. Not looking to spend too much, but if you do have any, drop me a PM or post on here, i'll be sure to check.
  18. Aristo

    Any tourneys/leagues in the socal area?

    Hi im looking for any tourneys or leagues in the southern california 626 area. It'll be my first time joining any league, so any suggestions would be appreciated. It has to allow 21 and under, anyone know of a good place?
  19. Aristo

    WTB : Radial pin Butt.

    Looking for a wrapless radial pin butt under 150 dollars. I own a keith josey fancy sneaky pete, looking for something of that sort.
  20. Aristo

    WTB: A Wrapless cue matched with an OB-1 Shaft

    Like title says. My budget is 500. show me what you got.