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  1. Poolmanis

    Jim Rempe's brainwash position/pattern drill

    Darren have it little different. He put all balls middle of table close together. That is nuts hard. Here is my session with Darren´s way. back from 2016 when i started play pool again more seriously.
  2. Poolmanis

    Is this the ONLY way to get better at pool?

    Very good production and i see many players would get better just by watching it with thought. I especially liked fact that just follow can be, and will be actually english after contact to rail! Very important thing to learn.
  3. Poolmanis

    The best stroke/cue action you have seen

    Yeah i was thinking this guy too..
  4. Poolmanis

    The best stroke/cue action you have seen

    Young John Higgins 1st. Ronnie second.
  5. Poolmanis

    3 Cushion Record?

    If 7ft tables is counted there must be over 40 runs a bunch. My online opponent who also teaches me is strong Korean player. He said he ran 34 or 36(i cant remember which it was) on money survival game. He is not still world elite player level. Just strong gambler. Legendary player Sang Lee said...
  6. Poolmanis

    20 SAFETIES You Must Know and Practice

    Good Video. That bank shot you could just have 4th ball to make sure there is no bank. Then that draw is right shot always. :) I would like to see similar video from pro games where is not so obvious safe available but safety is needed. maybe just 1, 2 or 3 shots on video. How they play it...
  7. Poolmanis

    Difficult Draw Shot

    I would play it to side rails towards nine ball. also to prevent scratches. Also i would(always) use more than tip right english and adjust how low i go. Sometimes you dont need much low to get 2 rail good route.
  8. Poolmanis

    Three point break rule.................

    All who thinks soft break is good for pool WTF? Who the Fk will watch exact same drill over and over again...
  9. Poolmanis

    WORLD 10-BALL TEAMS CHAMPIONSHIP (6-11 Sep), Klagenfurt, Austria

    They asked my little sister to play Team Finland(she is current n1 ranked by far) but she could not arrange work stuff so short notice. Too bad.. She still play under her level on international events though.
  10. Poolmanis

    Bridge Hand

    I like question. 99% of players do it automatic. However many of them actually put it even so slightly to either right or left to proper placement. In my opinion: That is causing a most of unwanted sidespin issues. It is related heavily to vision center aligment but it is not only that issue...
  11. Poolmanis

    3 Cushion Question

    Equal inning can make games more exiting finishes! here is nice example to show what some players can do with that! starting from around 10:22 if timestamp link not work :) That is art!
  12. Poolmanis

    3 Cushion Question

    If game is played to 40 points and player who did shoot opening shot(white ball) get there first. Yellow ball get equalizing inning. If Yellow can get to 40 points too on that inning they go one inning sudden death after that. If yellow ball player makes 40 first white ball does not get inning...
  13. Poolmanis

    AIM MORE ACCURATELY by Finding Your Ideal Personal VISION CENTER Head Position

    yes i heard you saying that long time. I just tend to disagree :)
  14. Poolmanis

    3 Cushion Record?

    thanks for the link! Poolmanis approved! Our club recently got carom table and im hooked to it. I am watching carom matches and playing it also in Shooter´s Pool simulation game. My best day so far I played little over 1.0 avg and best matches close to 2.0
  15. Poolmanis

    AIM MORE ACCURATELY by Finding Your Ideal Personal VISION CENTER Head Position

    In my opinion: cueball hop is happening when timing of stroke is good. It also allows 1-ball head towards corner pocket. Break need to be powerful to make it happen. When it hops controlled, break is powerful enough. When i teach break shot to bad breakers I just want to them to be able make it...
  16. Poolmanis

    AIM MORE ACCURATELY by Finding Your Ideal Personal VISION CENTER Head Position

    My 10-ball break i will normally have really close to Diamond between corner and and middle Diamond. You can use it too effectively. About half inch center from that Diamond. Sometimes cue can go directly over Diamond. Depends how table will break. This is what i do before match normally in...
  17. Poolmanis

    AIM MORE ACCURATELY by Finding Your Ideal Personal VISION CENTER Head Position

    nice video Dave. I like especially thing about looking down to diamond to see where cue is. I have used that for years to get more consistent hit on 8- and 10-ball breaks.
  18. Poolmanis

    High Humidity Play

    Glove or just suck it up.
  19. Poolmanis

    Frost vs Orcollo - $200,000 One Pocket Match Video

    Where is Alex? I think he is equal with Orcollo.