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    My New Cue Shop

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    Excellence from Brianna

    There are many great vendors here on AZ. I want to thank all of you guys for your great products and services. Here, I would like to particularly point out the fit and finish of several products recently acquired from Lee Malakoff at Brianna Products. The new headstock I recently purchased...
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    Tournament Repairs

    This is prolly the wrong thread, but hear I be. I'm in San Antonio, willing to go about anywhere if I can feel like I'm contrubuting to the cue repair environment at tourneys... The bigger the field, the farther I can travel. The closer the better. If you have any leads, please msg me...
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    Johnny Archer and Earl Strickland deliver in San Antonio

    The champions/legends tour rolled through San Antonio over the last couple of days and the guys really put on a great clinic. We are very lucky to have a past time where the icons are so accessible. Imagine what it would cost to spend 4+ hours with the top talent in any other sport. Ain't...
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    Disable retaliatory negative reps

    This is s simple concept that could go a long way toward enabling the group to assist in steering this forum. One simple (very effective) thing that ebay has done recently is to disable retaliatory feedback. In the past, if you ran into a bad seller and you gave them bad feedback, you could...
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    Cutting Points - up vs down, climb vs conventional

    I have a milling machine set up to cut points using a double angle side cutter. In my mind, it seems that I should only use climbing cuts as a conventional cut might tend to tear out the workpiece. Further, I only climb up out of the groove rather than climb down toward the A joint area...
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    WTB Unique Taper Shaper

    Anyone have any thoughts or leads on a taper shaper?