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    Sherline cnc rotary table

    SOLD I have a Sherline cnc rotary table with vertical mount and tailstock. It's never been used except to test it out.
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    Caveat Emptor

    See all feedback Says 100% positive feedback but there's this
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    Test pics

    test picture
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    Cue Lathe

    Here's a lathe but needs a little cleanup. Needs a taper bar too.
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    Deluxe Cue Smith Lathe on Ebay

    Just found this
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    Earl Strickland in the Star News

    Thought I'd share this here. Monday , May 19, 2008 statement in Sports section of the Wilmington Star News.
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    Porper B Q lathe on EBay

    Just found this.
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    T Slot Cutter

    I've been trying to find a small T Slot cutter that would cut slots in delrin close to the same size as those in the crossfeed in the Deluxe Cuesmith or Taig lathe. The width of the slot is .400 with a .200 shank. Any help is much appreciated!!!!! Thanks, Ray
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    1968 Brunswick 2 Piece Cue on Ebay

    Didn't know whether this would be of interest to anyone on here. Just found it in a search for cue parts. Ray
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    Pressing Tips?

    What tips do you press and how do you judge what's enough? Do you measure or just by feel? Arbor press or vise? Do you press and release or press and hold it for a period of time? Thanks, Ray
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    Has anyone had experience with the Bobcad Software? If so, I'd appreciate your thoughts on it good or bad. Thanks Ray
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    Leonard Bludworth?

    Has anyone heard from Leonard? I hope he's doing well!!!