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  1. VonRhett

    Object ball slightly Right

    In the reply above, you touched on many things. Feeling and seeing it (mechanics), concentration, body alignment (fundamentals), shortening your stroke (TERRIBLE!!), backswing pause (fundamentals), longer shots (mechanics/fundamentals). Pool is like golf - if your swing/stroke feels right (at...
  2. VonRhett


    USPS Priority Mail used to be faster (compared to ground or 3-day), cheaper and super reliable. Then 2020 arrived, and they're a cluster. The Mongolian variety. I ship daily. For 10 years, less than one damaged annually, using Priority Mail. Now it's 2-3 damaged per month, plus countless...
  3. VonRhett

    Has anyone raised their pool table because of back pain?

    Raising the table sounds difficult. How about just lowering the floor? Seriously, don't attempt to raise each leg independently. Build a platform, like those used in home theaters to raise the back row. Hundreds of designs - even some ready-made - on the web, youtube, etc. -von
  4. VonRhett

    DFW Billiards - Warning!

    Please tell us that the 2nd repair did not use shims to get back to 4.5" pockets?? If you have 5" and want 4.5", the only correct way is to replace/extend the sub-rails. Oops, just realized the post above me is asking the same. FWIW, it's really not fair to blast a small biz like this. You...
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    Sold sold sold
  6. VonRhett

    JIM MURNAK Custom 2x4 - Heavily Carved

    For Sale Only - No Trades. Custom one- off 2x4 Case, designed by Jim and I. SOLD SOLD SOLD Delivered to happy new home
  7. VonRhett

    Classic Old School JOSS WEST (#2) JOSSWEST

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Another old school JOSS WEST custom cue For Sale, circa ’72-’79. Understated elegance, with some very unique features. gone
  8. VonRhett

    Classic Old School JOSS WEST (#1) JOSSWEST

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Absolutely gorgeous JOSS WEST custom cue, circa ’72-’79. True OLD SCHOOL in design, hit and playability. gone
  9. VonRhett

    Looking for tad cue

    Maple, around $2400 - $2500. Anyone seen one here? Too bad nobody has one listed...... Over/Under is now 5 for tomorrow...... -von
  10. VonRhett

    New diamond table install (pics)

    Thought you might enjoy this. Progress pics of my new 9' Diamond Professional installation: 1. MEASURE ROOM, ORDER CARPET & PAD. 2 & 3. INSTALL CARPET, CENTER FOR EXACT TABLE SPOT. 4. CALL ELECTRICIAN. INSTALL SWITCH & WIRE FOR LIGHT. 5. DIAMOND TRUCK ARRIVES! LOADS OF WOOD! 6...
  11. VonRhett

    Feedback Please - NEW CLOTH INSTALL

    Someone just installed this. I have to make a quick decision - your honest feedback please: Thanks! -von
  12. VonRhett

    Escaping the prk, florida bound

    I am finally able to escape the repressive PRK (Peoples Republic of Kalleefornia) and will be moving to the Tampa Bay area. So just a quick shout out to all the central FL players. I love action, have deep pockets and I can't make a ball! Seriously, I'm moving to the St Pete area next month...
  13. VonRhett

    Ebony VOLLMER Cue FS

    Michael Vollmer perfected his art under the demanding eye of Master Cuemaker Tony Scianella (Black Boar). His cues are recognized as some of the highest-quality cues in the world, with fantastic craftsmanship - and this one is no different. This triple ebony beauty has the absolute FINEST...
  14. VonRhett

    Rusty Melton case for sale

    Gorgeous black leather with nice tooling top & bottom. Tube interior for maximum protection, 2x2 config to keep weight down. SOLD SOLD SOLD . Domestic only. (With his envelope style without tooling going for $550 used, this is an agressive price!) Overall excellent condition. Couple minor...
  15. VonRhett

    BOBBY HUNTER FS - Ebony Beauty

    The simple elegance of Ebony & Silver! This cue hit way different from my other Hunter so I had him change the ferrules to full 1" Ivory ($240.00) , plus had padded Milk Dud tips installed (real ones from Mike Johnson). NOW it plays like it should! Huge difference. It's just sitting in my...
  16. VonRhett

    The EBONY Trinity

    Like Ebony? Me too! Vollmer, Bobby Hunter, Bobby Hunter: -von
  17. VonRhett

    This MURNAK deserves it's own thread

    Here's my latest Murnak. It's a keeper. As much as I love his Vintage line, his Custom or Hybrid cases are in a class by themselves. All the hardware, handles, strap, padding - everything - is absolutely Top-Notch and a cut above his "normal" (which is already better than 99% of everything...
  18. VonRhett

    ALEX BRICK on eBay

    Giveaway price on eBay with NO reserve. Alex Brick cue Ends Sun afternoon. -von
  19. VonRhett

    Handsome ALEX BRICK Custom FS –Rich Ebony Woods – 4 pt/4 veneer

    Classy Alex Brick custom cue. Deep, rich Macassar Ebony and Red Palm points, BUTT: Alex Brick blank. Deep brown Macassar Ebony and Butt (possibly African Blackwood?), 4 Points, 4 Veneers, nice forward balance BUTT SLEEVE: Matching Macassar Ebony. Cue is signed under wrap. WRAP: Handsome...
  20. VonRhett

    Gorgeous ALEX BRICK FS – Ivory Joint – Lizard - 3 Shafts

    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! The Alex Brick EMERALD Cue! Stunning Alex Brick custom cue with 4 points, 4 veneers, solid Ivory flat face joint, fancy Nickel Silver & Ivory ring work at ABCDE, 3 ORIGINAL shafts, matching Dymondwood 4-pc joint protectors. EXTENDED WRAP. This wrap is a little longer –...