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  1. Jude Rosenstock

    Launching Free Stream for Central Texas

    Hey guys, I know I haven't posted here in a while but hoping you can do me a solid. My friends and I just launched a free stream covering pool tournaments and matches in the Central Texas area. We'll mostly be streaming live from Skinny Bob's in Round Rock, just outside of Austin. Even if...
  2. Jude Rosenstock

    Object Ball Frozen to Rail Rule

    I was recently involved in a discussion about the Object Ball Frozen to a Rail rule and it got me thinking. Perhaps it's because I mostly play 9ball and 8ball but even when I play other games like 14.1, when an object ball is declared frozen, I never feel like my choices are suddenly limited...
  3. Jude Rosenstock

    Pool for the masses

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share the first installment of this project I'm helping out with. Modern Rogue is a YouTube series designed to introduce people to things that will make them distinguishable. The creators of the show decided being skillful at pool was one of those things. Please like...
  4. Jude Rosenstock

    APA needs to step it up

    I understand APA criticism is aplenty on azb and I apologize for the redundancy. I’m starting a new thread because I just got back from their Singles Championships, escorting my girlfriend (2018 Texas State BCA B Division Women’s Champion) who qualified to play in both 8 and 9. I was...
  5. Jude Rosenstock

    Moving balls back: What's the call?

    So, last night, I was watching an APA Tri-Cup match and an interesting ruling scenario came up. The shooter accidentally moved a ball and correctly stood-up to negotiate moving it back. The referee instructed her to ask her opponent to move it back. In her attempt to restore the balls, the...
  6. Jude Rosenstock

    Austin Anyone?

    I'm moving from New York City to Austin, Texas in about three weeks. I'm probably going to end up visiting every single poolroom in a 30 mile radius of me within the first month but wondered if anyone here could provide a list of their favorites and what makes them your favorites.
  7. Jude Rosenstock

    FargoRate Top 10 Lists: Who is Amy Hammock?

    I was going through the lists on and noticed the Top 10 USA F is led by Amy Hammock with a rating of 702. I tried googling her and got zero results. Am I living under a rock or is this just a strange error?
  8. Jude Rosenstock

    How Would You Play This? Safety Time

    So, this situation came up yesterday in a league match that allows coaching. My teammate had ball-in-hand and her opponent was on two fouls. Feel free to post your approach to safeing here along with an explanation on why. I'm sure the better players will see it immediately but there's...
  9. Jude Rosenstock

    How Would You Play This? 8ball CSI 2014 Finals

    So, I've been watching a lot of barbox 8ball lately and decided to watch this gem. Deuel and Appleton play near flawless pool for most of the set only to have it come down to an unfortunate ending. Appleton gets hooked, fails to get out and Deuel wins. The camera angle isn't great for...
  10. Jude Rosenstock

    Want to keep your expenses down when traveling for a tournament? AirBnB

    I didn't see a whole lot posted about this and a lot of people I've talked to about this knew nothing about it. AirBnB is a "Bed & Breakfast" service. Basically, people are allowed to rent their extra beds, bedrooms, apartments, summer homes OR dedicated rentals for travelers. On the whole...
  11. Jude Rosenstock

    Is Pool a Sport? No words.
  12. Jude Rosenstock

    2014 World Championships Qualifier Results - Amsterdam Billiards

    Hey guys, Below is a link for the results from this weekend's qualifier. Jonathan Smith won from the winner's side and Hunter Lombardo won from the loser's side. The shot of the tournament goes to Hunter Lombardo (there is video on Facebook but a copy has...
  13. Jude Rosenstock

    Do You Run Tournaments? Use Brackelope!

    So, this past weekend I was given the duty of running a qualifier for the World Straight Pool Championships at Amsterdam Billiards in New York City. Although I've been around pool a very long time and have run events before, I haven't had a world of experience running tournaments so I spent a...
  14. Jude Rosenstock

    How Would You Play This? 2/20/2014

    This was something that came-up for me recently. I'm sure quite a few of you will provide an answer similar to the shot I actually performed but thought it would make for interesting discussion. The game is 9-ball. You're on relatively new cloth so you can feel confident about avoiding the...
  15. Jude Rosenstock

    What's the Ruling?

    So, this question was posed to me yesterday by a very good player I know. Several of us debated it for a while but none of us are actual referees. Interestingly, I think most people will have an opinion they will not be able to support with actual rules. Please review the diagram below and...
  16. Jude Rosenstock

    Tournament Outlines & Rule Variations

    It's really interesting seeing so many threads nowadays about changing the rules of pool. We could be talking about any of the popular games and undoubtedly, there's a thread debating any of the rules ranging from breaking, calling shots, what's a foul, etc. What's interesting is, why is there...
  17. Jude Rosenstock

    How Would You Play This?

    In honor of George Fels (writer of "How Would You Play This?", 1998). This diagram is one of many from his book, the same book that inspired many of my posts. The game is 14.1. Get well soon, friend.
  18. Jude Rosenstock

    Brooklyn still proud of Jean Balukas Posted yesterday. EDIT: To avoid confusion, I didn't write this. My fiance (also from Bay Ridge) found this on Facebook today.
  19. Jude Rosenstock

    The Ideal Suitcase for the Traveling Pool Player

    So my last suitcase died on the way back from BCA Vegas last year. It wasn't perfect. It was a Dockers 33" suitcase that allowed me to fit a 2x4 Porper cue case inside diagonally. I still have a Porper case I can use for travel but I prefer carrying my Whitten which is about 33" long. Does...
  20. Jude Rosenstock

    Tournament Betting Boxes

    With the Superbowl approaching, every bar in NYC is selling Superbowl boxes. I'm sure most of you know what they are but for the remaining 1% out there, it's a way to bet on the Superbowl. You simply buy a box and when the boxes are sold, numbers are randomly assigned to each row and column...