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    Did it ever come into your mind to quit pool?

    Hi, I just want to know your experiences regarding this. I'm quite a noob and because of that I say yeah. And that's what I feel now. Cheers.
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    It's just that whenever I post, I'm talking to intellectually gifted minds, that's great. I just don't get a feel of a community whenever I post except for a few like JAM or Eydie, etc... So why don't we post our own pics here! Here's mine: My Sketch Pic My Pic
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    top 5 players under the age of 30 (in your opinion)

    who do you think are the top 5 players under the age of 30 currently. I took this opinion from gpeezy from the 5 best players ever thread. ---------------------------------------------------------------- For personal development...
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    5 best players ever (in your opinion)

    discuss. mine are: (not in order) Efren Reyes Willie Mosconi Louie Lassiter Buddy Hall Harold Worst this is a site dedicated to your personal development.
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    Who is the top player in your state?

    IMO - Corey Deuel - Ohio this is a site dedicated to your personal development.
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    Jay, is this accurate? hehe

    John Grissim was a freelance newswriter. He dabbles at everything like Sports, Entertainment and global news. He was doing a follow-up report about the Philippine's 1970 First Quarter Storm. The year was 1972. He was caught up in a big rally that was going on at Rizal Ave. The police and the...
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    One Pocket Semifinals

    Alex P. vs Efren R. Alex played nearly perfect yet he was still whitewashed (3-0)...we should get lasik surgery too! lol Efren's excellence in One Pocket is much like Buddy Hall's excellence in 9 ball in the 70's.
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    Wu Chia Ching, the new Efren Reyes!

    Whoa! The guy won the World 8 ball championship recently! Hats off to Wu! Man, he won both championships in the SAME year and at the tender age of 16! whoohoo! great for the future of pool, i think he should be invited into the ipt. wu got lucky though in his match with thorsten hohmann... it...
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    Which country is the best in the pool world?

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    which pool star would you like a movie made?

    efren reyes - the most interesting story of a pool player buddy hall - the hustler alex pagulayan, thorsten hohmann - new hotshots steve davis - very funny and entertaining guy willie hoppe, willie mosconi - the old guys just to name a few...
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    domination of the filipinos

    earl strickland is the only hope but do not count him out as he is on a seven game winning streak! yeah
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    Eddie Kelly Interview
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    An Eddie Taylor Interview
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    Cool article about Efren Reyes

    The Magician Takes A Walk by Ted Lerner Efren “Bata” Reyes didn’t even bother to pack away his cue sticks into his leather case. He simply gathered the two wooden tools of his trade in his hand--tools which over a 40 year period have made him a revered legend worldwide--and walked straight...
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    who is the best all around pool player?

    Who? ................