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    Tim Scruggs Cue

    Tim Scruggs cue Butt 15.46 oz (adjustable) Shaft 1: iv ferrule, 13mm, 3.88 oz Shaft 2: melamine ferrule, 12.86 mm, 3.68 oz Pin: 5/16-14 Both shafts have Precision medium tips Cue is easily in 98%+. $SOLD Shipped USPS Priority Insured. PayPal F/F or add 3.5% for goods and services. For...
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    Kersenbrock or SW?

    I'm getting mixed answers on this cue. I've been told equally that it's a SW and I've been told it's a Kersenbrock. Without sending it to Laurie, it could be merely educated guesses, I suppose. So, what is your opinion before I send it out. 57.5" from end of ferrule to edge of butt cap. Sent...
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    Tascarella Shafts

    They're sold. Careful who you are getting these from. Another member here is selling fakes.
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    Mike Webb - Titlist Hoppe

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    Scruggs sneaky

    Looking for a nice Scruggs sneaky. True sneaky, sneaky with a black or white joint, white butt cap? I'm flexible. Text me at 360-510-9061 Thank you Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    WTB Scruggs Merry Widow

    Looking for a nice, early, BEM, Scruggs Merry widow. 2 shafts preferably, Ivory Ferrules. Let me know what you have. Thank you
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    2017 Custom Tascarella Bumperless Hoppe BEM Pool Cue-60"

    She's a BEAUTY!!! Any questions, contact me at 360-510-9061
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    WTB Dave Tice

    I am looking for a Dave Tice cue. Please let me know what you have. Best way to contact me is text 360-510-9061 Thank you!
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    Andy Gilbert J/B x 2 SOLD

    I have a pair of Andy Gilbert j/b for sale. Will sell together or separate. Both are in excellent condition and break and hit just as you'd expect them to. The darker wood is a 2002, recently refinished by Scott Erwin. $SOLD The lighter is a 2015, $SOLD I am open for realistic...
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    Runde Era Schon

    Holy grail of 1980s Runde Schon Up for sale is an unbelievable 1980s Runde Schon. According to the original owner plus other research. There were only 2 made like this when Bob was in charge at Schon. The Schon has 4 sharp points 4 veneers and has 2 full original Runde Shafts. Both shafts have...
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    Schon Shafts

    Original Early Schon Shafts, stitched and rings. All very nice. 1. 29.5", ivory ferrule. $SOLD 2. 30", 11.94mm, silver ring $text me 3. 30", 12.51mm., micarta, silver ring. $text me 4. 29", micarta, 12.7mm ferrule. Stitched. Nearly flawless. $SOLD 5. 29", micarta, 12.35mm, slight finish...
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    Schon SP20

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    Andy Gilbert j/b cue

    Would like to find an older Gilbert jb cue. Text me with what you have. Thank you 360-510-9061 Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Wtb Lomax JB cue

    Looking for a nice Lomax jb cue. Let me know what you have. Thank you Text 360-510-9061 Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Early Schon ID

    Happened to come across this early Schon and was curious what series, if any, this is. Looks like an SP28, however that series doesn't appear to have points. Perhaps a custom build? Regardless of the series, it's beautiful and hits like a dream. Curious what opinions you may have. Thanks...
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    WTB Richard Black cue

    I am looking for a Richard Black Cue. You can pm me with offers or send them to my email or text. Just trying to get an idea of what is available. or text to 360-510-9061 Thank you
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    Wtb Early Schon or Joss.

    Great forum! New here so bear with me :) Hoping to find early Schon or Joss cue. Regret not being able to grab one back in the early years, but such is life. I am not looking for anything specific, but would prefer to get a nice stick not one well used. Let me know what you have. Much...