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    US Open 9-ball

    Do the Open guys usually stream? Can not find anything on their page. Nor the AZ page.
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    Ralf Souquet wins Swedish tournament

    Morris, Souquet, Hundal and Drago at Interpool open Ralph won in Marcus Chamats tournament for the 4th time in a row. They played open 9-ball and inv. 10-ball. As usual (I think) R. won both. 10-ball quarters: (No handicap in theese matches) Christoffer Magnusson 8 Rodney Morris 5...
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    Meucci OL?

    What are the materials used in OL-3 and OL-5? Anyone knows. Internet has tons of pics but info?
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    Wood for handle

    Hi guys, what woukd the difference in hit be between cocobolo and ebony. And between irish linen and enony with the rest being maple, metal joint and thin arrows. Never mind the shaft, ferrule and tip. I have that already and would only want to know the difference. ' Is the handle drilled...
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    custom or stock?

    I would like to buy a cue with no wrap, 4-6 points, 5/16*18, a butt on the thin side at the very back - like predator. price, maybe $350-700. Any tips to where to start looking? Any big company that would alter the joint? I know I?ll have to ask around, but anyone knows about a not so...