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  1. Mr. Dogg

    Build a Table Book

    The cover shows that you can build for table sizes from the instructions, and that they are customizable.. The table of contents gives some idea of how in depth the book goes. Here is an introductory illustration that gives a rough overview of the construction. For fear of copyright...
  2. Mr. Dogg

    Forum for Building a Pool Table?

    Would it be worthwhile to add a forum to AZB about pool table construction? Would it get enough traffic? Are there builders here who could answer questions about all aspects of it - everything from accurate saw adjustment to finishing techniques/materials, and everything in between? (Also...
  3. Mr. Dogg

    Fun YouTube find: Mosconi and Minn. Fats on game shows

    Minnesota Fats on What's My Line? Willie Mosconi on To Tell the Truth. (He appears in two segments of the same episode... One as an imposter, and the other as himself.)
  4. Mr. Dogg

    How do I unregister?

    How do I unregister from AZBilliards?
  5. Mr. Dogg

    Is the Break Shot Overrated?

    I sure ain’t no pro, so I’m just askin’. Is the skill of the break shot overrated? Of course, the outcome of the break is important, but is the skill of breaking overhyped? The rack will never be exactly the same twice in a row (gaps, alignment on table), and neither will the placement of the...
  6. Mr. Dogg

    2 Points to Win? (1st player, alt. break)

    “When the alternate-break format is used, the first player to break must have accrued at least two more points, upon reaching match point, than his opponent to win the match. If the requirement isn’t met, the match continues until the first player is two points ahead of his opponent, or until...