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    Jenn Barretta Pro player... REALLY?

    I know she has fans out there but come on. I'm watching her play at TS against a very low level player and she is struggling. The level of play is mid level league play at best. She is supposed to be a PRO?? I would be ashamed to call myself a pro with a straight face if I were her. This match...
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    $$ problems at the Open already

    Oscar D Just posted on his facebook that there are $$ issues at the open already. Im imagine he would not say anything unless he or his dad were involved. Since Earnesto did well but not in the top 4 he may not have been paid. WOW!
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    Team USA telling results at the US Open?

    So based on what we know about the Mosconi Cup and their rules for breaking, this years US Open has many of the same kind of rules. With that in mind I noticed that team USA are not doing as well as I would have liked to have seen. Just meaning that a few of the players lost their first round...
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    World 14.1 Tourny Seems a little different from the flyer

    I could be wrong on this so please let me know. I just saw the flyer on Facebook and the header says "Dr Michael Fedick Presents" Now I know the good Dr has been the money behind this event for a while now but to my memory it has always been a Dragon Promotions event. I see Dragon's logo at the...
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    Anyone got any info on Jr Players in Colorado having problems?

    Someone brought it to my attention that a group of Jr players in Colorado lost their sponsorship for expenses a week before the Jr Nationals. Just wondering if they have managed to raise the money needed as they were doing fund raisers. Hope it works out for them.
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    WTF is going on??? Brett V Busch $50??

    If it is just me I will STFU but I saw that Lee Brett and Daniel from POV pool are doing a Pay Per View. 3 days charging $50?? Efren and Earl match was less than that. Is it their egos that think they can charge that much?? Do they really think they are worth more that Earl and Efren??? This...
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    Dechaine OWNED off the table too.

    Di anyone see the banter before the TAR match last night while the were warming up? It started light hearted but as it went on it got more like they were getting some things off their chest. I don't remember the whole back and forth but a classic line that put Mike on his heels a little was when...
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    I can't believe people try to hurt others in the pool biz but it seems the do

    Well it seems I have a way of outing people for bad decisions these days. I just came across this in another thread. Basically what I am getting from this and what I have heard through the grapevine, Mark .C put together The Decider Match this past weekend with Earl and Shane and it was a Pay...
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    Very dissapointed in lee brett. Should be ashamed

    I just read Lee Brett's post on Face Book. He says he let everyone down because he chose to go out last night and get drunk. He also said he could not see the balls and obviously that does not make for playing well. He also said he is sleeping in his car and from another post of his he said he...
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    Lack of interest for Bonus Ball

    I just spoke with a couple of people who ere watching Bonus Ball this afternoon and thyall said the same thing. "Where are the fans?" There are about 10 people at the arena, we know that a percentage of those fans are somehow related to the players or to bonus ball somehow. So how many are...
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    Is Charlie Williams the most powerful man in pro-pool?

    Talking to someone today it was said that "Charlie Williams is the most powerful man in pro-pool today" I was shocked to hear this and had said "No way" It was then explained to me that he does more events than anyone and is controling alot of things that we have no idea about and he will be...
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    What do Professional players do when they are out of the game?

    Just wondering what the future holds for many of the Pros of today. I think we know that a few from the past have taken measures to make sure they had something to fall back on but not all of them. So wondering what are the old time pros doing now and what will people like Shane, Appleton, Mika...
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    Jen.B and Emily.D what are you???

    So I see on face book they are all excited about playing "League" Tonight. So these gals are league players?? they keep touting themselves as "Female Pro Players" So what are they? Seems to me the yare League players who have nice features and when its helpful they are "Pro players. I didn't...
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    Does your League Operator act like a Dictator?

    I have seen and heard of a few League Operators that make the rules as they want to satisfy their own needs. Also some that go out of their way to hurt a competitor who runs another league in town. Some of what I hear is downright childish and vindictive. I imagine most are not like this but the...
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    Mosconi Cup player evaluation

    Well the last thread I did was my evaluation of how Brandon Shuff played on Day one. So whats your thoughts on Team USA. Forget the political correct stuff be honest and brutal ort as nice as you want but I keep in real.
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    Shuff clearly not ready

    This isn't to just slam Brandon, I think we can only inagine the pressure out there and we all know he is a talented player. He just was thrown to the lions a little here with this enviroment at York Hall. He has won some tounaments but nothing really big in front of the cameras with an audience...
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    Why did Mike Deshane opt out?

    Just wondering why Mike Deshane decided to separate himself from Bonus Ball and also from the ABP. Anyone know?
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    So, where do we think Pool is going with all these things going on?

    There are so many crazy things going on that can be looked at in some cases as good and and in some cases as bad. I think the pool world as we know it is going to take a dramatic change. Here are some things that have happend in the past year and I will miss a few I know. World 10 ball -...
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    To Matchroom Sport Charlie Williams brings the Mosconi Cup down

    To Matchroom Sport I have heard through the grapevine that CW will be the Mosconi Cup team captain again for the USA. This brings the event down from a fans point of view and it sure changes the atmosphere at the event. Hopefully this poll with show the distain the avid pool fan had for him and...
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    Have we all given us as a collective??

    Just looking through threads I see people don't have very much good to say about anything much. If there is an aiming thread someone gets bashed, cue makers getting bashed (sometimes rightfully so), leagues APA,BCA bashed. Hell even justin and Mark getting bashed a little forthe podcast. talking...