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    Claude Spence

    We heard that Claude Spence from Canada was recently killed. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?
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    the best or worst?

    The best or worse cuemakers Just wondering who are considered the best in the field and who would be considered the worse. Regarding the worse, I mean incidents like not backing up their product and being poor businessmen and so forth? Please be honest. thank you
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    To All BCA Presidents, subject from

    What is happening to the BCA state organizations in the states where the Presidents have formed the new group BCA or ACA whatever they will be called? Surely these individuals cannot be in both organizations. What will happen to the contracts they signed as presidents for the BCA? These are...
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    What happened in S. Padre Island?

    Just wondering what happened this past weekend in S. Padre Island Texas for their $10,000 added tournament? I hear there was a bad turn out?
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    Is the 1 Million Bewitched?

    Ok, I've been watching this million dollar thing and it looks like their time is up. Has the count down for the big bucks begun or has the whammy come and stole all their money? If this tourney does not happen or even exist, for the people who have intrusted their funds to the promoters, do they...
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    Midwest Open?

    We were supposed to go to the Midwest OPen this past weekend but our son got sick. I have seen a lot of pictures here on AZ and it looked really good, but who went and what happened?
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    Pooltablemech Pms!!!!!!!

    SHUT UP! Get a life. You complain about Blud and all we hear is your little baby whining. What you all say in private e-mails between yourselfs is your business and we all could care less. Take it to another forum because we all are sick of your worthless comments.
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    Who is going to the Midwest Open?

    My husband is going to the Midwest Open in October. How many other people from AZ are going? I don't play much pool and I will mostlikely spend some time on the golf course or in the swimming pools, are there any players wifes/ girlfriends or family attending too? I got the impression from...
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    Looking for places to play in the Washington, DC area

    I am looking for places to play in the Washington, DC area. A friend is bringing a few semi pro woman players through DC and we are not familiar with the area. Thanks!
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    Tired of loosing my money!

    My husband and I just got home from the BCA tournament in Vegas. This is his 6th year of comptition, and he has been sucessfull so far, but then once he has come as far as he has, it never fails that some of us loose all our cash in the casino. I am so tired of loosing so much money and with...
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    I want to buy a cue!

    I have just recently started to play pool and I am going to make my first investment in buying a cue. Can someone please explain what the differance is with all these cues and why they range in price so much.